Three arrangements in one day, Farin said I came to meet

Three arrangements in one day, Farin said I came to meet

Yesterday was the birthday of popular actress Tasnia Farin’s mother. He therefore did not shoot that day. He gave time to his mother. Celebrate her mother’s birthday at a family event. Farin came to Samakal’s office after completing household arrangements in the evening to greet him.

She came with a pink top and a green bag in her hand. There was also a bunch of rajnigandha in hand. He said, “I came to meet you. Today is my mother’s birthday. So it was a bit late. Today is also Amitabh Reza Bhai’s birthday. I will go wish him too.

After a long journey of 17 years, eighteen has arrived in the present day with “the daunting courage to speak out without hesitation.” This trip ended on Saturday at Samakal’s office with good wishes from Sudhijan, who was present at the foundation’s anniversary celebration. The day was an exception in the daily bustle of the newspaper office.

By the time Farin came of age, people’s talk was exhausted. The editorial staff is busy preparing the next day’s papers. Farin didn’t spend much time. After completing the formalities of greetings, he quickly fled.

On the anniversary of the foundation on Saturday, minister-deputy, politicians, representatives of civil society, industrialists, businessmen, writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, senior army officials, forces of the order and various governmental institutions, professionals, sports and entertainment stars as well as eminent personalities of society came to offer their greetings. Samaka’s arena fills with light from morning to night at six o’clock from the star.

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