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Three hit movies made from hit songs


Three hit movies made from hit songs

Many hit songs by Dhaka artists were later used in movies and reached the public. A few of these songs stand out, the title of which became the title of the film, which was also one of the reasons for the popularity of the film. Three of these songs and movies.

Crazy mind: This is a song from Dilruba Khan’s album of the same title. Lyrics written by Qaiser Ahmed, music by Ashraf Udaser. Although this album sold approximately millions of copies, the artist did not receive any money from this amount. But the fame of Dilruba spread in the country and abroad. Later, Tozammel Haque Bakul achieved success by producing the film of that name.

In early 1993, Dilruba Khan’s hit song “Pagal Maan” was released. In the near future, Tozammel Haque Bakul of “Veder Mey Jochna” fame has made a folk movie based on the song. The main actress was played by Antara, known as a child artist. He was accompanied by Mehdi, who went on to gain lasting fame as a porn star. ‘Paagl Maan’ becomes a super-duper hit with two new faces. Later, Bakul produced another hit movie “Balika Holo Badhu” with the same pair. A few years ago, Shakib Khan got into trouble for using the song’s antara in the movie “Veer.” A friendly settlement was then reached.

Oh my God, where are you? Asif Akbar’s studio album of the same title was released in 2001 with lyrics by Ithun Babu. Few people have not heard the title track. The audio album has sold over 6 million copies. CDs are also a good deal.

The following year, the film under this title becomes very popular. Directed by Shahadat Hossain Liton with Shabnoor, Riaz and Shakib Khan. And Riyaz lip-synced to the song “O Priya Tumi Kare” in the hit film.

Love cannot build a house: Shammi Akhtar gave voice to the popular song of the eighties. He was quite popular at that time with a slightly different cinematic and modern voice style. His memorable song ‘Bhalobaslei Ghar Bandha Jai ​​Na’ was written by Moniruzzaman Monir and composed by Sheikh Sadi Khan. Although the song didn’t catch on as much as an album, it became a classic song thanks to the goodness of television and radio.

Zakir Hossain Raju made this song the theme of his film. The movie titled ‘Valbasle Ghar Bandha Jai ​​Na’ was released in 2010. Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas and Rumana Khan starred in this love triangle movie. Rumana was in the shoot. The film won a total of seven awards at the 2010 National Film Awards. Thanks to which singer Shammi Akhtar won his only national film.

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