Three Khans dominance is over, this time Ranu Mandal will rock Bollywood


Three Khans dominance is over, this time Ranu Mandal will rock Bollywood

Entertainment desk: The story of Ranu Mandal, whose struggle for two handfuls of rice every day while sitting at Ranaghat train station, will be captured on the Bollywood screen. Ranu Mondal’s life story, from begging in faraway Mumbai to sharing the stage with big stars, is nothing short of a fairy tale. Ranu Mondal biopic “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” directed by Hrishikesh Mondal is coming soon.

A year ago, the practice for this new Bollywood film began. The Ranu Mandal biopic had some news floating around. Finally, the first preview of the film has been released. Ishika Dey, the famous actress of “Sacred Games”, plays the main role in the film. In this movie, various shades of Ranu Mandal’s life, the story of many unknown turns of his life will come out.

How was Ranu Mandal’s youth? The ups and downs of his life, his struggle to get by and especially why he took refuge at Ranaghat station will be captured on the big screen. In fact, there is no less interest in Ranu Mondal on social media. No matter how many trolls or slanders about him, the views of his various videos are always eye-catching.

Ranu Mondal used to listen to passers-by sitting at Ranaghat station. Latakanthi Ranu Mandal’s day continues with all that happy passers-by hand over to him after hearing this song. Suddenly he caught the eye of philanthropist Atindra Roy. Atindra shared a video of her song on social media which later went viral. The rest of the story was like a dream.

After that, Ranu Mandal’s day really went like a dream. Popular Mumbai singer Himesh Reshammiya heard her sing and expressed his desire to sing a duet with her. Ranu Mondal reached Mumbai right after getting this opportunity. Ranu Mandal’s popularity increased further by accompanying Himesh in the song “Teri Meri Kahani”. But even after achieving such success, Ranu could not sustain it.

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Social media was furious with Ranu Mondal for misbehaving with fans. During this time he had to leave Bollywood because of Corona. Once again, this ordeal came back into his life. Now he again spends his days begging at the train station. With the help of some local people and clubs, Ranu Mandal has a miserable day. Ehne Ranu Mandal’s life story will be told in ‘Ek Payar Ka Nagma Hai’.

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