Three siblings sang together on a foreign stage: Samina

Three siblings sang together on a foreign stage: Samina

Samina Chowdhury. Nandit is a singer. He performed yesterday at the ‘Acoustic Night’ concert in Melbourne, Australia. Singer Fahmida Nabi and Pancham were with him. He told her about the performance of the three siblings together on the first foreign stage and other matters.

He sang at the ‘Acoustic Night’ concert in Melbourne – how did he get the answer?

I was really surprised to see the public’s thirst for Bengali songs. Many sang together in unison. I’ve done shows in many countries and got a great response from the audience. But I will never forget this event in Melbourne.

Did you think ‘Acoustic Night’ was the best arrangement among foreign concerts?

Most of the shows I’ve done outside the country have been spectacular. But ‘Acoustic Night’ will be remembered not only for the great arrangement, but also for having Fahmida and Pancham on the same stage. This time, three siblings sang together on a foreign stage. Not only did they perform together, but the three of them were able to collect the audience’s love song after song, so that the heart was filled with a different kind of love.

Heard, three brothers and sisters will participate in two other concerts?

Yes, after Melbourne we will play two more shows in Sydney on September 17th and in Adelaide on September 24th.

Do you plan to travel to Australia during the concert?

Wish, because in the meantime my younger sister Antara has also moved from London to Australia. Now, the four siblings plan to hang out together whenever they get the chance between gigs. We will return to Dhaka on the 25th – so we will take the opportunity to travel.

Will you start arranging new songs when you return to Dhaka?

I can’t say that now. A few days ago, three songs sung to ‘Padma Setu’ were released. Of course, these are theme songs; I still don’t think about releasing new music so soon. I started working on a few songs in the meantime. That their video production is finished, then we can think about publishing.

Fahmida talks about releasing a double album with Nabi…

Lyricist Zulfikar Russell has recorded several of our songs with plans for a double album. The songs written by him were composed by Nachiketa. But in the end, Zulfikar Russell said, due to the complexity of releasing the album, we will release our songs individually. I plan to make a playlist of it later when I get the chance.

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