Three women would sneak in and knock on the doors of McDonald’s every night, feeding teenager Ronaldo free meals.

Three women would sneak in and knock on the doors of McDonald’s every night, feeding teenager Ronaldo free meals.

The office on the wall: He who drives the most expensive car in the world, whose house is worth millions of maids, he also had to suffer a lot at the same time. A poor family, with no money in their pocket, had to beg for food to survive due to hunger. You will be surprised to hear his name now. Yes, it’s Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The multi-millionaire has not forgotten his past fighting days. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, CR7 recalled those childhood days.

Image - Three women secretly knocked on the doors of McDonald's every night, feeding teenager Ronaldo free meals

Ronaldo was born into a poor family. The father works as a gardener. Mother cooks people’s house. My dad was an alcoholic, drunk all the time. The mother had to support the family. Ronaldo had to live in a small room with many siblings. Football addiction was deadly. One day he left home. Joined the Lisbon Youth Academy. He was 12 years old. A Portuguese superstar lived there in a hostel. There is no money in the pocket, meanwhile the hunger was raging at night. Every night he would sneak out with a few friends and knock on the doors of McDonald’s. The survivors wanted burgers. A woman used to open the door and walk out very quietly. He had two other daughters with him. The three fed Ronaldo and his friends.

The Portuguese star has passed those days. Now he is a superstar in the world of football. Fans can spend millions of rupees to catch a glimpse of it. Despite being at the peak of fame, age and wealth, Ronaldo has not forgotten those childhood days and the three wives. Edna was the oldest of the three. She used to nurture young Ronaldo like a mother. I went to Edna’s almost every night for a burger. Ronaldo told Piers Morgan he was looking for Edna and the other two women much later. But that McDonald’s store was closed so they were nowhere to be found.

So far, Ronaldo has found Edna and the other two, Carina and Emmanuel. CR7 thanked Edna with a hug. This 12-year-old boy is now a footballer who shakes the world. Ednao is delighted to see Ronaldo up front. Couldn’t hold back the tears. Her wrinkled face overflows with joy. She is like a proud mother, reclaiming her child after so long. Edna says, “I’m surprised anyone remembers me. That little boy from that day, Cristiano Ronaldo, still remembers me after all these years. I am grateful.”

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