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Time spent car-to-car: Siam

Time spent car-to-car: Siam

Siam Ahmed Star File Photo


Siam Ahmed Star File Photo

Actor Siam Ahmed won the National Film Award twice for it. He starred in the movie ‘Bishvasundari’ in 2020 and won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in the movie ‘Mridha Vs Mridha’ released in 2021.

Last year, 4 films of this hero – Shaan, Pap Punya, Operation Sundarban and Damal were released. Siam’s performance in films has also been appreciated.

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Meanwhile, on January 20 this year, the first film of the year, “Adventure of Sundarbans”, also starred alongside Pariman. Siam Ahmed spoke with The Daily Star on various topics including winning the National Film Award, releasing new movies, making movies in Kolkata.

For the second time he won the National Film Award for his performance in the film ‘Mridha Vs Mridha’. How does this all feel?

Siam Ahmad: Each award provides motivation as recognition of work. It feels good to be nominated for the National Film Award for the second time. However, I wish Tariq Anam Khan Sir won the award for ‘Mridha Vs Mridha’. He deserves this award. In fact, I got that award for him. He played the role of the father in the film’s story. His excellent acting brought together father-son chemistry on screen. The whole team, including the film’s storyteller, is a partner in this prize.

The movie ‘Mridha Vs Mridha’ was not a commercial success after its release. What are you waiting for after receiving the award?

Siam Ahmad: I want the film to be seen more and more. I would like them to see the film now. The film was released in OTT. I hope you enjoy watching the movie about the psychological conflict between father and son. I receive the world prize by playing in this film, it is really a lot of joy and love.

In the new year, your first movie “Adventure of Sundarbans” was released. But you weren’t seen during the first days of the film’s release. What is the reason for this?

Siam Ahmad: I was not seen in the movie promotions as I had to go to Kolkata for another movie. There was still work to be done before shooting. Return to the country to campaign. Talk about the audience watching the film. As the movie “The Adventure of the Sundarbans” is for children, they should watch it more. But because of their upbringing and schooling, they cannot come to the cinema. But this film will appeal to both children and adults. I get appreciation from the audience for my role as Ratul. It is adapted from Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Sir’s novel “Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din”. I am very happy to hear that sir liked my performance after watching the movie.

When does the shooting of the new movie start in Kolkata? Where did you go on this trip to Kolkata?

Siam Ahmad: Now I went to Kolkata and rehearsed my character’s look in the film, the situation there, with the artists. Hopefully, filming for the film will begin at the end of February. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, the film stars Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ayushi Talukder, Pooja Chatterjee and many more. This time I had the chance to go to Kolkata and have a good time with Bumbada (Prosenjit Chatterjee). He asked the audience to watch our released movie ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’, talked about it live. This is an incredibly exciting event for us. However, I didn’t go anywhere in Calcutta, time passed from car to car.

Tell us about new projects and upcoming movies.

Siam Ahmad: Meetings are underway on two new projects. Talk about the story, the characters of the film. Also, the work of OTT is being discussed. News will be coming in the next few days. The film ‘Antarjaal’ will be released on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. Vidya Sinha Mim, Sunerah Binte Kamal, ABM Suman and many more starred in this cyber-thriller story.

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