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Time to step into Bollywood, Vijay’s decision to return salary after ‘Liger’ flop

Time to step into Bollywood, Vijay’s decision to return salary after ‘Liger’ flop

bangladeshi the pulpit: ‘Liger’ by Vijay Deverakonda is a victim of Bollywood’s setbacks. The star, who is booming in the Telugu industry, has caused a stir in Bollywood. The big-budget Liger all but crumbled to dust. From the script of the film, Vijay Ananya’s performance failed to win the hearts of the audience. Even the actor himself is angry after seeing the photo.

Liger directed by Puri Jagannath was made with a total budget of Rs 100 crore. Vijay played the role of an MMA fighter. He fought for life from the first Hindi film. Publicity has not failed. But the results were not as expected.

Liger was released on August 25. So far, the film has managed to make just over 65 crores. As a result, producers will suffer huge losses. In the past few months, all movies released in Bollywood have failed. Producers have suffered. Liger was not spared either.

However, recent reports indicate that Vijay decided to back the producers after coming to terms with the failure of the film. He decided to return about Rs 6 crore of his remuneration. Previously, Aamir Khan did it after the Lal Singh Chadha flop. He didn’t take a single payment for four years of hard work.

Incidentally, Vijay was earlier seen speaking out against Bollywood’s boycott culture. For his part, he did not bother to call for a boycott of his film Ligar. After that, Manoj Desai, Executive Director of Maratha Mandir Cinema and Gaiety Galaxy, praised Vijay. He called Vijay “arrogant” and an “anaconda” for his comments on the boycott trend. Although after that Vijay Deverakonda met him and spoke to him personally.

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