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TM Films Nakshikantha Zaman at India International Film Festival


TM Films Nakshikantha Zaman at India International Film Festival

The film ‘Nakshikanthar Zamin’ produced by government-subsidized TM Films started its release by participating in international film festivals. Akram Khan’s Nakshikantha Zamin has been nominated for the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at the 53rd International Indian Film Festival (IFFI). Based on the story “Widwad” by fiction writer Hasan Azizul Haque, the film depicts the days of the 1971 liberation war. Jaya Ahsan and Senoti as two sisters; Iresh Zaker and Raonak Haasan starred as two brothers. The other two characters are two brothers Divya Jyoti and Soumya Jyoti. The International Indian Film Festival kicks off on November 20 in Goa, India. TM Films said the film will have its world premiere on November 25. The film crew with the producer on November 24 to participate in the festival. After the festival, they will return to Dhaka on November 28. Farzana Munni, the film’s producer, said that TM Films’ goal was to showcase Bangladeshi films on the international stage. We started our journey standing next to a 1971 liberation war film. The film was invited to a major international festival before its release, which is a source of pride for us. Producer Akram Khan said that for the first time in the history of Bangladeshi cinema, ICFT-UNESCO has been nominated for the Gandhi Medal at this festival. Great news for us. Nakshi Kantha Zamin is a special composition for me because it highlights the sacrifice of women in the war of liberation. According to the production company TM Films, the film will be released in the country by participating in some international festivals.

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