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To lose something, the joy is endless

To lose something, the joy is endless

I don’t understand how Har-jit got into the man’s mind. These are in fact intellectual questions. The calculation of 2 goals more than 1 goal created problems, or? 3 runs less than 5 runs – why? If there were no more or less comparison or calculation, there would be no problem, and victory and defeat would not be fixed. The match was played, we looked at who was playing, we enjoyed ourselves. I used to go home after the game; We won, you lost – all of this wouldn’t have happened, there wouldn’t have been factionalism, there wouldn’t have been fights, and in the extreme there wouldn’t have been killings . Any party that loses and one of its fanatics commits suicide, is that good news? Losing is not a big deal; A good game, a clean game is important – it would have been encouraged if Harjit had no criteria, what do you say? But without Harjit’s idea, the game wouldn’t have been fun. Therefore, the “sticky mark” of not losing is now obsolete. Consequently, there will be a fight, a game; Fight, play; Some must lose, others must win.

But the problem is that when you lose you feel sad, when you lose you have no joy, when you lose all caste values ​​are gone! A 36-game unbeaten streak for Messi’s Argentina losing 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in their World Cup opener – is that easy to accept? You have to accept it, there is no way out. The reality is that you don’t know when someone will fall from a height. Germany lost 2-1 to Japan, what’s the damage? If you win the World Cup, you have to lose against a small team? Children also want to grow up, so how can they grow up if they don’t sometimes lose their elders? There is also fun, they will understand a little that adults always have a great attitude. Therefore, Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia and Germany’s defeat against Japan gave me great joy, I was very happy.

One of our faults is that we talk more about others than about ourselves. But it is our good quality according to many Buddhists. Because, ‘…everyone is next to us’, the greatness of the poet’s epic sentence, only we could understand it well! So we don’t brag about our rates. In this case, one can digest like a thief. I say differently – no, we feel good then, we show greatness – everyone works together, hari jiti nahi laj. We say then, the game is the conversation, lose or what, win or what. If everyone just wants to win, who will lose? Someone has to lose, but someone else can win. Therefore, the greatness required to conquer others is not possible, cannot be achieved by everyone. For that, you have to have a generous heart, a liver bigger than your body, and a big heart to find your own happiness in the happiness of others. So we want to be great by conquering others and losing ourselves. Thus, our Shakib is an all-rounder even in Har. He can have the glory of rejoicing in defeat. He is therefore our pride, our pride. I can’t express how happy I am when Shakib loses. My late friend Talukdar couldn’t stand Shakib at all. I’m shocked. I later learned that despite being versatile, Shakib’s “insolence”, arrogance and rude behavior on the pitch made him unpopular with his friends. Shakib has the “feeling” that we cannot leave without him. We understand that too, but at least I don’t understand why our cricket board has repeatedly been lenient with him despite his many unacceptable behaviours. The Cricket Board may have given importance to the principle that “cows should be booted with milk”. But we say, in such cases, instead of ‘uncle Kana is better than no uncle’, we should say ‘zero cow is better than mad cow’. Again, the various activities of Shakib in the stock market, misspelling of the name of his father – which can be seen in newspaper articles, make our heads spin even more. Therefore, if such a Shakib is left out, will the Mahabharata become impure? Shouldn’t we think a bit? So, like my friend, losing Shakib makes me happy. This should not be taken to mean that I am absorbed in the fear of domestic enemies or the joy of cutting off my nose. Being versatile and being respected aren’t the same thing – Shakib probably doesn’t remember that.

What people want to be in life, many amazing people don’t want to understand carefully. A craze like getting a name in the Guinness Book of Records. They have reached many heights in life, but the short story is not the end, just like the end, they want to rise higher. Where to stop, when to stop, when to stop, he won’t have to fall from the height. Of course, I’m a ginger merchant, and I’m afraid I won’t let others down with the news from the ship. In my opinion, greed is more important than profit. Good up to the profit, but if (a-car) is added before the ‘law’ of that profit, all the problems arise. It quickly came to mind – greed is sin, sin is death. These people are greedy. Therefore, their sin is fatal, and the sin caused their death. When I say the name, you might think I’m a jerk. Say, what’s that guy saying, they’re still alive, how did they die? I would say, physically they are alive, but morally or honorably they are dead!

Now mentioning the name let’s say it’s our respect, now maybe a lot of people don’t have that respect before, maybe I’ve decreased a lot, Dr. Why was Yunus busy with to be a Grameen MD even after you pass that age? Did he have any idea that the village wouldn’t work if he didn’t? He gave the track, he also made a good team. Our respected Khaled Shams has also been nicknamed “Vice-Yunus” by many. Therefore, would the Mahabharata have been impure if MDgiri had been left out in due time? Allah says in the Holy Quran, He subjects one tribe to another. Otherwise this creation would not have been so beautiful and orderly. Maybe it’s one of his games. What a great statement is made in the Holy Quran, Surah No. 22-Sura Hajj, Verse No. 40, “If Allah had not resisted one human group by another human group”! He also made this announcement in the Holy Quran. And he repeatedly warned in this Quran not to violate the boundaries. “Allah does not love transgressors” (No. 2 Surah Baqarah, verse 190). Despite these direct warnings, people transgress and suffer the consequences. How many times in the Quran has Allah spoken of the consequences of transgression for different reasons in different cases, but we do not understand it. Dr. Yunus also violated the boundaries? What was the need to violate boundaries after the age limit and be resisted by others and lose dignity? Of course, this is also a game of Allah – He honors whom He wills and dishonors whom He wills. In this case, my/our karma is not responsible? Therefore, I am Dr. I had immense joy at such a rhythm of Yunus.

Now on to Dr. In the Words of Mahathir. He is called the icon of Malaysia. It can be said that he became the only Prime Minister of his country by exercising the functions of Prime Minister for 22 consecutive years since the beginning of the eighties. We also literally needed a Mahathir and a Likuan (Singapore). But he got greedy. Not the last time, Anwar, who had ousted Ibrahim, remained in power for a few years after compromising with him. But what happened to him at 98? The fourth of the five was also released on bail. How is the loss of greed, think about it! Wasn’t it good that he left with honor? How does he feel now that he scratched his body with his own fingernails and is bleeding excessively? Can you close your eyes and think for a bit? Can’t this be mine? Of course it is possible. There is no reason to think that I am indispensable, that I am the only one who sacrifices myself in the service of the country, and no one else does. Sin by greed, death by sin – whether for national service or otherwise – in any case, it is not good to be so arrogant towards oneself.

Badiur Rahman: former secretary, former president of the NBR

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