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To see his own mother would be lustful! Raj Kapoor brought Zeenat into the movie for breast development!

To see his own mother would be lustful! Raj Kapoor brought Zeenat into the movie for breast development!

Bangladeshi office : Raj Kapoor is a popular name in Indian cinema. Actors on one side and directors on the other. He captured the hearts of the audience by keeping both sides equal. His movies are super duper hits. Whether comic or romantic. He won public praise in all films.

But this actor is involved in various controversies. The actor himself said: “He is the priest of nudity. Even when he saw his mother while bathing, he became lustful. He even tried to save actress bath scenes in all the movies he made. The actor admitted it.

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Raj’s “scandalous” love life story is well known. Her marital relationship with Krishna Malhotra has also been discussed. Many claim that Krishna was actually Raj’s father’s cousin. Along with married life, there were extramarital affairs. Raj was allegedly involved in extramarital affairs with actresses Nargis Dutta, Baijayanthimala and southern actress Padmini.

He gave the job to actress Zimat Aman looking at her chest structure. The actor also admitted this in an interview. Satyam Shivam Sundaram was released in 1978. The film starred Shashi Kapoor and Zeenat Aman. Even after four decades of its release, this film has remained at the top of audiences’ favorites list.

There was no shortage of beautiful actresses in Bollywood back then. But the reason for choosing Zeenat, Raj said, was because of her chest shape. In an interview, the actor-director said that he didn’t like the breast structure of any of the actresses who were in Bollywood at that time. But Raj likes to see Zeenat.

However, as controversial as Raj Kapoor’s name is, he is still on the list of Indian favourites. From ‘Charlie Chaplin’ to ‘Showman’, Raj Kapoor is a unique name in Indian cinema. He easily touched the hearts of the public by directing many movies like ‘Mera Naam Joker’, ‘Premrog’, ‘Bobby’, ‘Sangam’.

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