Today is fast food day


Today is fast food day

Fried chicken, pizza, hot dogs, fries, burgers – the name alone makes your tongue water. Fast food is an easy solution to busy times for many. It is also true that many people avoid fast food. However, today is a special day for fast food fans. Because today, November 16, is Fast Food Day. Basically, the United States observes the day.

However, there is not enough information about the prevalence of Fast Food Day and it is unclear who devised it. However, everyone knows that fast food is an American classic. However, did you know that fast food was technically invented in the United States?

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In 1921, Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram opened White Castle, the first fast food restaurant in the United States. The restaurant became very popular within days of opening. Because back then, every burger was sold for 5 cents. Many restaurants soon followed the White Castle model.

A factor in the development of fast food was the affordable car after World War I. Then the fast food outlets that sprouted along the road made it easier for car travelers to buy food. Then the popularity of fast food began to spread. By the 1950s, fast food had become an industry in the United States. From there, the love for fast food started to spread around the world. Now, from Tokyo to New Delhi, Dhaka, fast food is available everywhere.

At first, sandwiches and burgers were popular as fast food. But now you can find Mexican, Italian and Chinese food in any fast food store.

However, excessive love for fast food is not good for your health. Thus, the advice of doctors and nutritionists is to avoid fast foods.

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