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Today is Playback Emperor’s birthday


Today is Playback Emperor’s birthday

It is the most famous voice in the country. It is impossible to find such a person in Bangladesh who has not heard his voice. The number of catchy and timeless songs he sang in his lifetime is truly amazing. It is absolutely unique in Bengali movie songs. He is the legendary Andrew Kishore. Today is her birthday.

He was born on November 4, 1955 in Rajshahi. Andrew Kishore’s father Khitish Chandra Barai and his mother Minu Barai were teachers at Bulanpur Mission Girls High School in the Rajshahi metropolis. His mother is responsible for his studies. Her mother was a music lover, her favorite artist was Kishore Kumar. Kishore named the child after his favorite artist. Andrew Kishore entered the music industry to fulfill his mother’s dream.

Andrew Kishore first took music lessons with Abdul Aziz Bachchu. After the Bangladesh Independence War, Nazrul Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, modern folk music and patriotic songs were listed in Rajshahi Betar.

Andrew Kishore made his film debut in 1977 with the song “Achinpur Rajkumari Nei Ye Tar Kew” composed by Alam Khan from the movie “Mail Train”. His second recorded song is ‘Dhoom Dharakka’ from Badal Rahman’s film ‘Emiler Dethak Bahini’.

However, he gained popularity by singing the song “Ek Chor Jai Chali” in the 1979 film “Pratijna” directed by AJ Mintu.
Andrew Kishore.  file picture

Andrew Kishore won the first National Film Award for his play in the film “Bard Bhalo Lok Chila” (1982). In this film directed by Mohiuddin, he lends his voice to the song ‘Hayre Mansoor Rangan Fanoos’ written by Syed Shamsul Haque. He won the National Film Award for Best Male Singer for this song.

In 1984, Ahmad Imtiaz provided the voice for three songs from the movie ‘Nayaner Alo’ with lyrics and music by Bulbul. The songs—’Amar Sara Deh..’, ‘Amar Baba Mukh Pratham Jedin’ and ‘Amar Bukher..’ This artist gave his voice in many movie songs, which are still on everyone’s lips.

A legend of Bengali music, this musician is also known as “Playback Samrat”. He can be referred to as Ek Mahasamudra in Bengali movie songs. where he swam for decades.

The eight-time National Film Award-winning singer died of cancer after several days of treatment. Born in Rajshahi, Kishore grew up there. Studied at Rajshahi University.

Andrew Kishore.  file picture

After the independence war, Kishore Nazrul, Rabindranath, modern, folk and patriotic songs were enlisted in Rajshahi Betar.

Some of his popular songs include Mundi Jat Sukh Am Am.., Everybody Wants Love, Veda Josna Girl Spoke To Me, You Are My Life, I Am Your Life, I Am Good, I am good The thoughts of life, the eyes that tell my mind’ etc.

In 1987, Andrew Kishore founded an advertising agency called “Prabaha” for TV series, commercials and other productions with Ahmad Yusuf, Anwar Hossain Bulu, Dolly Zahoor, Didarul Alam Badal, Shamsul Islam Nantu.

Andrew Kishore sang Hindi songs in the movie named ‘Sooraj’ composed by famous Indian music director RD Burman. Apart from this, he has composed two other songs in Bengali.

Andrew Kishore is married to Lipika Andrew Iti in personal life. The couple have two children. The first child’s name is Dhanshi and the second child’s name is Saptak.

The legendary singer passed away on July 6, 2020.

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