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Today is the 200th performance of Rarang’s drama. daily star

Today is the 200th performance of Rarang’s drama. daily star

Playwright Mamunur Rashid Aranyak has written many plays for theater companies. He has also directed many plays. These coins have been appreciated at home and abroad.

One of the most successful dramas written by him is Rarang. Rarang Natak’s 200th show is performed at the Experimental Hall of Shilpakala Academy today, Friday, starting at 7 p.m.

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Rahang’s first drama show was held in 2004. The then popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury starred in the first show. This actor also stars in the 200th show.

Besides writing and directing the play Rahang, Mamunur Rashid also played a special role.

In addition to the capital, Rarang dramas have been exhibited in various districts of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Raarang has been staged in several countries.

As the play was appreciated in the country, it was also appreciated abroad. Rarang has been presented in 6 international festivals.

Mamunur Rashid told the Daily Star, “I’m doing Rarang Natak’s 200th show, it’s a joy for the stage drama of Bangladesh, as well as a joy for Aranyak Natyadla as a team, especially for me.”

“I have spent my life doing theatre. At this period of my life, I can still work on stage, it is a great achievement,” he said.

He said that after being staged in South Korea, Raarang was widely appreciated. After the play was staged in Kerala, Kolkata, Baharampur, India, it won acclaim.

Mamunur Rashid said, “Bangladesh theater has come a long way. It is the overall achievement of the play.

Rahang’s play is the first play written about the tribes of this country. Alfred Saren was killed in Naogaon in 2001. There were protests across the country. There was a big protest in Naogaon. Mamunur Rashid was invited there and participated in the demonstration.

At that time, the Santals gave a bow and arrows to Mamunur Rashid. After several years of research, the play Rahang was written by the talented playwright, director Mamunur Rashid.

He said, “I researched for 4 years. I have been several times to the villages of Santal. I learned a lot. That’s how I wrote the play. I got an amazing response and love from people for this piece.

Mamunur Rashid said, “I decided to write a play about the incident after I received a bow and arrow as a gift. As a result, I was able to do the job. People are starting to know Alfred Saren.

The first performance of the play took place at the Experimental Hall. Recalling that memory, Mamunur Rashid said, “I had an incredible response to the first show of Rarang’s drama. I was soaked in the love of the public.

Regretfully, Mamunur Rashid said, “It took 18 years to do the 200th show. I could have done it earlier. We don’t have enough room. Moreover, the arrival of the Covid has done a lot of damage. Still, I’m happy to be doing the 200th show.

He also said, “People get to know Santals through the Rarang drama. Sandals also learn how private they are. Get to know their combat history. It’s the ultimate achievement as a writer.

Chanchal Chowdhury performs in the 200th show of the first show. He played the role of Daroga in this drama. He is back on stage in force after a 2-year break.

He told the Daily Star: “Rarang is a popular and popular play. I had amazing love while acting in this drama. It is a very popular drama. Being able to perform in the 200th show is also a big deal.

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