Tollywood Gossip Exclusive: Dancing on the ‘DBD’ stage is love! Who did Megha worry about?

Tollywood Gossip Exclusive: Dancing on the ‘DBD’ stage is love! Who did Megha worry about?

Tollywood Gossip: If you’ve seen ‘Dance Bangla Dance’ then you must know the choreographer Saikat Dutt.

Pilu aka Megha!

It’s not that cold in town yet. Even if the cold wind from Hemant gives chills, it is too late for winter to arrive. However, rumors in Tolipara say that Pilu alias Megha Dan is thinking of spring. He’s in love! And the beginning of this love goes through dance! Who is the lover? If you have seen ‘Dance Bangla Dance’ then you surely know the choreographer Saikat Dutt. We hear that he is in a romantic relationship with this beach. Do you think, what is the conversation between the choreographer and the actress? The love of dancing, and the love of dancing is behind it all. Megha’s entry into showbiz is through reality shows. He was a contestant on this dance reality show. Megha also reached the final. The series breaks from there. Everyone knows the story after that.

This is Gunjan’s story! What does Megha say? TVNine Bangla contacted the actress to find the seal of truth. I just finished ‘Pilu’. Megha is currently at home. There is no rush for new work at the moment, no rush on call times. Beach lover? Pilur directly refused to ask the question. Of course, the two are childhood friends. In fact, there is nothing between them anymore. In his own words, “All that is said now is enough.” A few days ago it was rumored that I was in a relationship with Gaurbadar (Ray Chowdhury). And one day I saw a YouTube channel gossiping about my gentleman on my behalf. I’m not in love at all. Totally single. If I love, I will first tell everyone without hiding it.” Even if Megha denies it, the close entourage says that what was written is correct. Love is in full swing. And the words say, “what is meant to be, happens”.

Meghar just finished the series. We are also talking about the next series. However, he wants to take a break before starting a new job. After that, the reflection on the next series will continue.

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