Tollywood mourns the untimely death of Anjan Chowdhury’s son, Sandeep

Tollywood mourns the untimely death of Anjan Chowdhury’s son, Sandeep

Dhrimal Dutt, Kolkata: Bad news fell at the beginning of the year. After the world of music, this time the shadow of mourning in the world of mega soap operas. Director Sandeep Chowdhury has died. He is the son of the famous director Anjan Chowdhury. Sandeep was only 44 when he died.

Tollywood is saddened by the untimely death of a director. The whole family is stoned with grief. On December 17, director Sandeep Chowdhury suddenly fell ill on set. He was rushed to Iqbalpur nursing home.

Sandeep had suffered from kidney problems for a long time. In addition, the blood sugar level also increased. Despite all the efforts of doctors, the end was not saved. Sandeep breathed his last on Tuesday (Tuesday, January 3).

Sandeep Chowdhury made megaseries like “Erao Shatru” early in his career. He has also been associated with many Tollywood productions.

He was the director of the recently concluded “Udon Tubri” mega series. Besides, Sandeep was also responsible for the dialogues in the “Kanyadaan” series. He also worked in a film called “Vidrohini” with Rituparna Sengupta-Jitu Kamal.
Other serials were in preparation. But before that, Sandwip’s visit stopped forever.


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