Top 5 songs in search list

Top 5 songs in search list

‘Gilms of Us’

“Gilms of Us” by Japanese-born artist Zoji is ranked third on Google’s search list on this search engine. The song appeared on Jozi’s third studio album “Smitherlands” which was released on June 10. The song was written by Alexis Kesselman, Kessel, Riley McDonough and produced by Connor McDonough.

The song also reached number one in Australia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore. The song also charted in the top ten in Canada, Vietnam, Ireland, Norway and the United States.

The song became the first song by an Asian singer to reach number one on Spotify’s global chart for 10 consecutive days. The song was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2022 ‘Area’ Awards in the country as Jozi is an Australian citizen.

‘Satru 2’

This song was released on YouTube 10 months ago. The song was sung by Indonesian singers Denny Kaknan and Happy Asmara. The music is arranged by Royal Music under the production of DC Productions. The song was written by Denny Kaknan. The song sung by these two Indonesian stars came in at number four on Google’s most searched songs list.

High official dandyism’

Do a search by typing ‘Official His Dandyism’, abbreviated as ‘Higedan’. The Japanese pop group’s song is number five on Google. The group has won many awards such as “Apple Music Awards”, “Billboard Japan Music Awards”, “CD Shop Awards”, “Mnet Asian Music Awards” and “MTV Europe Music Awards”.

The song hit YouTube on April 14 this year. Lyrics, music and programming by Satoshi Fujihara and production by Official High Dandyism.

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