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Toronto’s Bengali Rock Fest touched my heart

Toronto’s Bengali Rock Fest touched my heart

The ‘Bangla Rockfest 2022’ was held in Toronto, Canada with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and a wave of bright youth. This event, organized for the first time with the participation of artists from the Bangladeshi group of Canada, has been hailed as the best successful event in the community, touching the hearts of all levels of the public.

The festival took place on August 27 at the Toronto Pavilion Auditorium on Railside Road in the city. Asadun Noor, Saqib Azad and Asif Ahmed Prakash were in full collaboration at this exceptional event initiated by two young people Farhad Ahmed (Mishu) and Sayem Ahmed with the collaboration of Bangladeshi Band Association Canada.

Bangladeshi Canadian band Shunya along with ‘Fuad Al Muqtadir’, Manhus, Makansha, Bandfour, Sur, Storm participated in Lux Channel i Superstar Rumana Malik Munmun presentation.

A large number of spectators have invaded the hall since the afternoon. Young people expressed their enthusiasm by dancing and singing late into the night. The whole program went smoothly thanks to the skilful management of the organizers. Besides the performance of the artists, the skill of the Bangla Rock Fest management team has also won the appreciation of the audience.

One of the organizers, Farhad Ahmed Mishu, head of Farhad Realty Inc. said: I came here as an international student. I noticed that there are various events in this community but there is no special event organized for young generation only. From this thought, I Sayem Ahmed discussed the initiative of this program. He said, I hope we will hold this Bengali Rockfest every year in summer.

Lawyer Omar Al Zahid, one of the sponsors of the event, said about the event that organizing Bangla Rockfest is proof that it is possible to unite the Bangladeshi community through good event.

Sayem Ahmed, the organizer of Bangla Rockfest 2022, said that through Bangla Rock Fest, our aim is to set an example by creating a bond of Bengali culture with the younger generation in the diaspora. He thanked Bangla Rockfest team especially Asif Prakash, Asadun Noor, Jal Das, Arif Henry, Asif Adnan, PJ Rabbi, Taoseef Bikki, Akash, Maruf, Tamim, Nishat, Megha, Sneha, Musfika and others .

Singer, composer and music director Fuad Al Muqtadir thanked the organizers and volunteers for organizing such a wonderful concert in the Diaspora.

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