Transcom unveils new range of Hitachi home appliances

Transcom unveils new range of Hitachi home appliances

As part of its continued collaboration with Hitachi, Transcom Digital unveiled a new range of home appliances at a festive “Hitachi Star Night 2022” event. The event was held at the International Convention City Bashundhara on Thursday.

As part of this event, Tanscom Digital presented the Hitachi R-WB700VPB2 refrigerator. It has a selective vacuum compartment area and an automatic ice maker. This handy fridge with a premium design features energy-efficient inverter technology and a dual-fan cooling system. Black glass and transparent black glass. This refrigerator is available in two different colors.

Transcom also brought the BD-120XGV washing machine model on this occasion. This new front-loading washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 160 rpm. It has an automatic self-cleaning system and an automatic dosing system. This high-tech washer dryer features Wind Iron and Smart Sensing AI Wash to reduce wrinkling of clothes. With this new friction damper and five-level liquid balancer, it is more convenient. This spacious drum washing machine is available in white and mauve grey.

Among the recently launched products is the modern and light (only one and a half kg) stick vacuum cleaner PV-XL2K. It has a powerful smart head that uses green LED technology and a tangle-free brush. The easy to open and adjustable extension pipe makes this champagne gold colored device very convenient to use.

The HMR-M 2002, HMR-FG 2012 and HMR-DG 2312 microwaves were also unveiled at the event. The latter two have grilling options in addition to heating and baking. All of them have child safety lock, multi-stage cooking and auto cooking mode etc.

Among the new home appliances unveiled are high-tech Hitachi air conditioners. New wave design RAP-G012HFEOEZ1, RSQG018HFEOEZ1, RMQG024HFEOEZ1 features advanced efficient power saving inverter technology. The advanced gentle drying technology does not allow water droplets to accumulate on it. As a result, the house is free of germs and odors. Its tropical inverter guarantees rapid cooling.

Along with this unveiling, the main topic of the event was Hitachi’s future plans in Bangladesh. Keeping in mind the huge consumer electronics market in this country, the company wants to move forward with the aim of increasing its market to 100% in this country.

Tarun Jain, Sales Development Manager at Hitachi Home Appliances, said, “We want to increase investment in Bangladesh to accelerate our expansion in the market. We want to increase our product range in this country by constantly introducing new modern technological products. We are committed to providing technological solutions that help improve the quality of life and build a better society. By working with Transcom, the reputable company in the country, we can easily build a combined and extensive network of reliable consumers and customers.

Along with this, Transcom Digital’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ritesh Ranjan, said, “By creating new e-commerce markets and increasing sales outlets by up to 55%, we are ensuring business development across all directions. Now, if Hitachi works with us in this way, we will be able to continue more effectively with competitive product prices, strong dealer management, attractive customer promotions, prompt and quality service and the inclusion of new areas of development. electronic activity.

Transcom Digital provides advanced services through original branded quality products to improve the quality of life of consumers in Bangladesh. Transcom Digital Service Business has a strong nationwide service network and call center through which all customers receive installation services and after-sales services efficiently. Apart from that, Transcom is the official service partner of Hitachi and other electronics brands. This has made the company the most trusted and promising electronic multi-brand retailer in the country.

Senior officials from Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Singapore) PTA Limited attended the event. General Manager Chen Teck Beng, Sales Manager (Export) Tarun Jain, Sales Manager (Export) Elvin Tham, General Manager and CEO of Transcom Electronics Arshad Haque, Commercial Manager of Transcom Digital Ritesh Ranjan and others Senior officials from Transcom Digital were present on the occasion.

Arcelic Hitachi Home Appliances

On July 1, 2021, Arcelic and Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc., a well-known company in the global electronics industry, established a joint venture. Through this joint venture, they combine their expertise in respective areas such as R&D, purchasing and production systems. Thus, through this joint venture, the global supply chain is balanced and its competitive position is created in the market. Arcelic has extended its home appliance business to more than 150 countries in the world. The company has grown strongly in Europe and has had a strong presence in South Asia over the past decade. Hitachi GLS conducts its home appliance business mainly in South Asia and the Middle East, where it enjoys a prestigious brand image.

digital transcom

Transcom Digital is the primary business unit of Transcom Electronics. It is currently operated through 68 electronic hubs. These hubs are again connected to delivery, service and more than 200 outlets across the country. Transcom Digital’s multi-brand portfolio includes well-known brands like Hitachi, Samsung, Whirlpool. It meets the needs of all types of buyers and they get the best electronics shopping experience. These products include consumer electronics, household appliances, air conditioning, small household appliances and mobile devices. Transcom Digital offers original brand quality products and superior service. Which improves the quality of life of their customers in Bangladesh. Official service partner of Hitachi, Samsung, Whirlpool and other famous electronic brands. For more information visit

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