Trap Pakistani actresses!

Trap Pakistani actresses!

The country’s military has been accused of setting traps for Pakistani models and actresses. Ex-Major Adil Raza of the Pakistan Army has made such an explosive allegation. Daily Pakistan published this news.

India Today reported in a report that the former army major is a controversial YouTuber. But he does not live in Pakistan. In a video posted on her YouTube channel, she claimed that Pakistani TV and Bollywood actresses were being trapped by the Pakistani military. Although he didn’t name any actresses directly. But some actresses mentioned two letters in their names. For example: MH, MK, KK, SA. Netizens believe that these actresses are Mehush Hayat (MH), Mahira Khan (MK), Kubra Khan (KK), Sajal Ali (SA).

After the revelation of this video of Adil Raja, the world of the net is taken by storm. The actresses whose names have been mentioned have also opened up on the matter. Actress Sajal Ali said in a tweet: “It’s very sad that there is moral decay in our country. Character manipulation is the worst sin.

Actress Kubra Khan also broke her silence. In an Instagram post, the actress said: “I have been silent. Because no fake video can destroy my existence. But enough is enough now! Mr. Adil, do you have proof of the pile of accusations you have brought against people?

Warning of the matter, Kubra Khan said: “If you don’t provide evidence within the next 3 days, you will have to retract this statement and publicly apologize. Otherwise, I will file a defamation suit against you. Don’t worry, I came here (Pakistan) from UK. I will go there (UK) if needed.

Actress Mehush Hayat also claimed that these allegations were false. In an Instagram post, the actress said, “You must have fully enjoyed your two minutes of fame.” I am an actress. That doesn’t mean erasing my name by throwing mud. Shame on you for this false accusation! Shame on those who blindly believe these false accusations.

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