Trevor Noah’s latest swipe at racists offended by Rishi Sunak’s nomination


Trevor Noah’s latest swipe at racists offended by Rishi Sunak’s nomination

London : India was in their hands for about 200 years. This time, the British government (British Prime Minister) is in the hands of Rishi Sunak of Indian origin. Comedian Trevor Noah has mocked the citizens of this country, who are unhappy with Rishi (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) on a popular TV show!

Not everyone is happy that Sunak is in the top job: Noah

Noah practically single-handedly took on those who mocked the appointment of a non-white prime minister on a satirical TV show. In a clip posted to the show’s Twitter account, Noah said, “Of course…not everyone is happy that Sunak is in the top job…but it’s not because ‘they don’t like Rishi’s politics.”

He previewed a radio show. Where a caller named Jerry Lowestoft told the host he would have been the prime minister of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia! Another caller said: ‘These things matter…England with 85% white people wants a Prime Minister who reflects them,’ he said.

Noah is a popular comedian in the country. On the show that day, he joked: “Yes, there’s another good point. Can you imagine white English people running countries where no one is like them? . . . It’s hard to imagine what that world would be like.”

A hand of racists

The comedian added, “…racists still want to continue the colonial system, as long as they feel like they’re under colonial rule.” He took up batting for Sunak and added that he wouldn’t stand on stage and say the first day. “I’m selling the whole country to India…it’s time for revenge.” ..that was the whole plan…Happy Diwali…”

Rishi Sunak’s grandfather was a resident of Punjab. Rishi’s grandmother went to England with a job. A few years later, she moved to Great Britain with her husband and children. Rishi Sunak, just forty years old, was born on May 12, 1980. In the British port city of Southampton. Father is a doctor. Mom is a pharmacist. He had a pharmacy. Although born into an ordinary family, Rishi dreamed of reaching heaven from an early age! Rishi, a former graduate of Oxford and Stanford University, was an investment businessman before entering politics . Rishi Sunak is the co-founder of one of Britain’s largest investment firms. Sage of Indian origin Indian Yoga Deeper! He is the son-in-law of NR Narayanamurthy, founder of the computer company Infosys. Narayan Murthy’s daughter, Akshta’s husband, Rishi Sunak.

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