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Triangle of Sadness and the greatest movie of all time – Amrita Bazar


Triangle of Sadness and the greatest movie of all time – Amrita Bazar

Since then, Farrelly’s rom-com style has gone out of fashion, but directing Mr. Like Creosote, the 1970s would have been unimaginable if John Waters hadn’t let the imagination run wild. Team America: World Police (2004) gave us vomit dolls. Borat (2006) and Jacks: The Movie (2002) brought scatology to the real world with a boldness not seen since Pink Flamingos; If you don’t believe me, check out Jacks 3D’s “Poo Cocktail Supreme” skit (2010).

Raw horror movies have also reached almost unimaginable levels. Parts of Jim’s (Jason Biggs) body were placed in unusual places in the American Pie series, while other body parts were cut out in Takashi Mike’s Audition (1999) and Ichi the Killer (2001) and Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever (2002). and Hostel (2005), as well as Saw (2004) and many other so-called “torture porn” films. Then there was Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy (2003), in which Choi Min-sik ate a live octopus. Yes, it’s a real live octopus. Yes, Choi really eats.

No matter how gross these horror movies are, there’s a stomach-turning, heart-warming quality to gross comedy. The theme behind every candid image of an out-of-control body is our common humanity – the often-overlooked fact that we are fleshy, indomitable creatures subject to all manner of sounds and smells, not glowing robots or clouds of philosophical thoughts. Like everyday. Gasping and shivering during a rough sequence is an incredible moment of connecting with people on screen and in movies. All barriers between us are removed by bodily fluids. Well, maybe we’ve all never given anyone a headache, used the sink as a toilet, or pooped on the street in a designer wedding dress, like Melissa McCarthy and her friends did in Bridesmaids (2011). But we all know that something like this can happen to any of us. Gross-out is an excellent leveler. “A lot of comedies are built around the idea of ​​superiority and making someone laugh at someone who’s inferior to you,” King says. “But in a steamy comedy, the characters go through something you might go through yourself.” Keep this in mind the next time you board a cruise ship.

Triangle of Sorrows is currently in US cinemas and will be released in UK cinemas on October 28.

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