Tumpa Song: Alleged embezzlement of money from Tumpa by threatening to kill, makers respond


Tumpa Song: Alleged embezzlement of money from Tumpa by threatening to kill, makers respond

Tumpa Sona’s song was released in 2020. Since then, this song has become the theme song for various programs. Even after two years, the craze for the song has not faded at all. Tumpa is in the hearts of 188 million people. But this time this song is involved in the controversy. Abhishek Saha of Danda Tudung Tudung fame claims that the song Tumpa is also his creation. Whose rights were taken away by force. Arijit Sarkar, head of Confused Picture, opened up about this.

Tumpa Sona controversy
Tumpa song scene

Strong points

  • A few years ago, the song Tumpa Sona produced by Confused Pictures went viral on social media.
  • Composer Abhishek Saha has alleged that Rest In Prem director Arijit Sarkar forcibly removed the rights to the song.
  • Arijit Sarkar responded to Abhishek’s complaint.
Tumpa Sona Controversy: A few years ago, Tumpa suddenly entered Bengali life. Produced by Confused Pictures, the song went viral on social media. From neighborhood teahouses to nightclubs, Tumpa Sona is everywhere. This song didn’t suddenly go viral. But this song is always played from the wedding ceremony to the party. The song currently has 188 million views on YouTube. This time, songwriter Abhishek Saha made a terrible complaint on social media. He claimed that Arijit Sarkar, the director of the Rest in Prem series, withdrew the rights to this song in fear for his life. In his words, “Tumper’s views are now 188 million. I didn’t make a single penny from it. I increased the cost of the video. I also did the song. I was the producer of this song. Even so.”
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He added, “He just scared me and I took it all away. Otherwise it would have been the last song of my life. Life is worth more than money. So I had to give it up. ” He added, “A lot of people know about it. Nobody showed up to help me. Everyone clapped. Danced. I made videos. But I didn’t get the money I won myself.”
Disappeared in Tumpa, complaint filed at the police station
After Abhishek made that explosive comment This time digital-Arijit Sarkar opened his mouth to this. In this context, he said, “I had two contracts with Abhishek Saha. I also gave him a check. I have a copy. There is NOC. If he signed the contract at Gun Point, why did he come to pick it up later?”

Arijit added, “This attempt to criminalize me is very wrong. If he feels cheated, then take legal action. Go to court. What’s the point of posting such explosive messages on social media?”
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Abhishek had previously posted several complaints on social media. Referring to this, Arijit Sarkar added, “He does this kind of thing. He posts on social media. Then he deletes it. If necessary, take legal action. I will prove in court that he was paid. “

Will Arijit sue Abhishek for defamation at Netpara? The manager replied, “I’ve spoken to the lawyer. I won’t comment on that at this time.” Meanwhile, Abhishek Saha recorded the phone conversation with Arijit and posted it on Facebook. Where Arijit says “We will change the name of the licensor of the Tumpa song. You will be the owner of this song.” But nothing more was heard on this disc. This time, the digital didn’t even verify its authenticity.

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