Tumult around the photo of Jovan-Pooja: the actress confides


Tumult around the photo of Jovan-Pooja: the actress confides

A few photos of popular actress Pooja Cherry and TV actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan have been going viral on social media since yesterday. Using the footage, cynics say these two stars fell in love while filming a web movie titled “Bet” directed by director Mahmudur Rahman Himi. However, the actress and the director have denied this rumor. They claim that the images are from shooting. There is no love here.

In photos of Jovan-Pooja on Saturday night (September 3), Jovan-Pooja can be seen cuddling and kissing. In another image, Jovan is seen offering Pooja with flowers in a cinematic style. This is where the noise begins.

Pooja told the media of the viral image, “This is a scene from the filming of a web movie. nothing else. Viewers will understand by watching the web movie.

He also said that during the filming of this scene, the director, my mother and many others were by my side. In fact, the images are misinterpreted. Please don’t get me wrong. We have worked with respect from the start and will continue to do so in the future. If such a thing had happened in reality, I would not have stood in the street like that. The question will be clear when the web movie is released.

Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Pooja Cherry.  Photo: Collected

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