Unclear facts about the death of Jharkhand actress in Bagnan

Unclear facts about the death of Jharkhand actress in Bagnan

Monirul Islam, Uluberia: The Bagnan (Bagnan) affair gradually thickens with mystery. Police said there were inconsistencies in the statement of the deceased’s husband. Did Rhea Kumari alias Isha Alia fall under the influence of a robbery at seven in the morning? Or a deep conspiracy behind the scenes? The question is valid.

It is known that the late Rhea Kumari aka Isha Aliar is actually an actress from Jharkhand. Her husband Prakash is a great businessman. Not only that, he is also a director of short films. She is also famous as a YouTuber. According to police sources, the girl’s birthday is coming soon. So he came to Kolkata from Jharkhand to buy gifts. Why go to Kolkata just to buy a girl’s birthday present? That is the question. According to sources, the deceased’s husband, Prakash, claimed responsibility for the attack by robbers, but there is confusion as to its veracity. Because, according to the police, no bloodstains were found in the car. Even the bullet shells were not recovered on the spot. But when a car is shot, bloodstains are normal.

[আরও পড়ুন: জন্মদিনে স্বামীর কাছে সারপ্রাইজ গিফ্ট চেয়ে পাননি, অভিমানে কোলের শিশুকে ফেলে আত্মঘাতী বধূ]

Meanwhile, witnesses informed that the car window was closed. The deceased’s husband said the thieves fired from outside. Then the question remains how the glass of the car remained intact. Also, questions are raised about the role of the husband of the deceased for several reasons. How was the relationship between the couple? The police are trying to find out if there is a domestic dispute behind the whole incident.

Incidentally, Rhea Kumari, her husband and child were driving to Kolkata from Jharkhand early Wednesday morning. A terrible incident took place near Rajapur from Bagnan to Howrah on the national road n°16. Prakash, the husband of the deceased, stopped the car near the Mahishrekha bridge and went to the toilet. Apparently, at that time, thieves attacked his car. Rina tries to grab things from Kumari. Apparently the miscreants shot and killed the bride at close range after being interrupted.

[আরও পড়ুন: বাগনানে শুটআউট, জাতীয় সড়কে ছিনতাইবাজের গুলিতে মৃত্যু ভিনরাজ্যের মহিলার!]

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