Underwear is too tight, Srilekha Mitra complained to Hrithik Roshan!


Underwear is too tight, Srilekha Mitra complained to Hrithik Roshan!

bangladeshi the pulpit: Whether professional or personal, Sreelekha Mitra shares most of the information on social networks. He likes to keep in touch with all those who love and follow him. And social media is the best medium for that. Srilekha even sometimes makes fun of himself. Srilekha complained to Hrithik Roshan because the size of the underwear was not correct.

Srilekha had no underwear fittings. But the complaint to Hrithik! What’s going on? In fact, Srilekha bought some underwear from HRX, the Bollywood actor’s fitness bra. But when he reached it, he saw that he was no match for it. Underwear must be returned.

Srilekha shared the screenshot of the message sent by the organization on social media. He wrote in the caption, ‘Sorry Hrithik Roshan. Your underwear was too tight for me. Netizens laughed at Srilekha’s way of speaking. One wrote: “Poor Hrithik Roshan’s forehead is bad!

Incidentally, a few days ago, Nandan screened ‘And Roof’ directed and produced by Srilekha Mitra. This is his first short film. Also respected abroad and the roof. After that, Srilekha will direct three films named ‘Erpar Varanda’, ‘Terpar Bedroom’, ‘Then Bathroom’. Parno Mitra is going to star in the second film.

Srilekha recently shared old photos with Prasenjit Chattopadhyay. Prosenjit Srilekha worked together in the movie ‘Annadatha’. The photos were taken at that time. The two were captured on camera in different poses. The young Srilekha must be known.

In the caption, he wrote, “So I had to look good, right?” And how do you feel with him? Now it’s up to you whether you think my nepotism video is reasonable or not. Feel free to share your opinion.’

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