Upcoming actresses are dating men their dad’s age


Upcoming actresses are dating men their dad’s age

Entertainment Office: Rupanjana Mitra is a popular face in Tollywood movies and TV series He has worked in TV soap operas for a long time. He’s a household name on TV. The actress expressed her pain and anger over the recent incident in the industry. He worries about the death of rising models or actresses one after the other.

But for this he blames the lifestyle of rising actresses Rupanjana alleged that there is no job they do not do because of greed for money.

Rupanjana wrote an explosive Facebook post yesterday (September 5) referring to Arpita. Complaints, rising actresses become dads without being able to keep a cool head in the world of glamour. Only 16-20 year old girls do this to live a comfortable life

The actress claims that now “Sugar Daddy Culture” has been created in Tollywood. Rising actresses have sex with men their father’s age for money. They become “sweet babies” to maintain a lavish lifestyle.

Referring to the dark world inside Tolipara, he writes: “What will those who do not want to read in this ‘food chain’ do? Those girls who want to work in the film industry, will you support them? »

Rupanjana’s fellow actress, Rupa Bhattacharya, wrote in the comments to the post, “The mothers of these girls are also encouraging this kind of work. I regret to inform you that I don’t see the second type. Greed and luxury sometimes binds the young girl to her family like a viper.’

Shruti Das, one of the actresses of this generation, writes: “I am a victim of the last two aftershocks and I want to know who I will fall next to, how I will get it. I don’t know if I can answer this question. But thank you for giving me an indirect opportunity to confess the truth”.

Source: News 18

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