Urfi Javed got trolled for lipstick, not clothes, check out the actress’ new outfit


Urfi Javed got trolled for lipstick, not clothes, check out the actress’ new outfit

Bigg Boss OTT season one contestant Urfi Javed. He made himself known to the public from the scene of Bigg Boss. But at that time, the actress couldn’t expand her influence from the Bigg Boss stage. Nowadays, Urfi and Debate have become synonymous with each other. Controversy will rage wherever he stays. Urfi is often ridiculed by netizens for his strange attire. He practices in the media for some reason. It is clear to everyone that he can do anything to remain practical in the media.

At the moment, the actress is training again according to her clothes. She recently appeared in a milky white, backless, deep-breasted dress. She also wore a matching short skirt. She was dressed in this outfit without underwear. Along with tying a top knot on her head, she was seen wearing blue nail polish and lipstick. She also wore white high heels. Moreover, there was a sense of audacity in his gaze. Maybe she dressed up for a photoshoot, but that’s clear from the video. Urfi himself shared a preview of the latest look in the form of a video on his social media page. For now, he is training based on his latest daring video. It should be noted that the actress shared a preview of this look from the official ‘Viral Vaani’ page on Instagram.

Urfi Javed is very active on social media pages as a current actress. Needless to say, he gained this immense popularity among people through social media. He continues to connect with his fans through this online medium. Note that the actress knows very well how to keep the eyes of the media on her!

He is doing something every moment to stay practical in the media. Who thought that! Who said what! Small attention for the actress. He owns his own fortune. He does not want to live his life according to the words of others. He is one of the sensations of the net world at the present time, we can say that without a doubt.

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