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Urvashi, 59, is being demolished

Urvashi, 59, is being demolished

Jumbangla Desk: The word Urvashi means “beautiful” or “Apsara eternal youth”. But in the case of a movie theatre, this meaning is not correct. Because the 59-year-old ‘Urvashi’ cinema hall in Dinajpur’s Phulbari Upazila is being demolished. A six-story commercial building with a modern cineplex will be built there.

Once upon a time, cinema was one of the sources of entertainment for people in rural Bengal. Accordingly, new films were released at Urbashi Hall in Phulbari in sync with Dhaka. Every day people from all over came to Ubarshi with their families to watch movies. However, this cinema is now lost in time.

In 1963, former president of Phulbari Nurul Huda Urbashi launched the movie theater. Later, this movie theater was renovated in several stages. Furnished in a new way. And now it will be demolished and replaced with a modern Cineplex, said Khurshid Alam Moti, a cinema owner and joint secretary-general of the Bangladesh Film Exhibition Association.

He said, “Originally, the hall was in another location. In 1974, the hall was newly built on the side of Phulbari-Gobindganj regional road. The 1200 seat hall was designed by Hanif Saheb, the designer of Madhumita Cinema Hall in Dhaka in 1995. After my father died, I took charge of the hall. The room is currently closed.

He also said, “Urbashi will be broken and marketed. There will be a total of two Cineplexes, one 150-seat and one 100-seat, with a shopping center below and a food court above, a convention center and a high-quality aparthotel. Now, there is no profit in making a 1200-1400 seat movie theater like before. Viewers can see a lot of things sitting at home because they have cellphones in their hands.

Will the public face the cinema as before? In response to this question, Khurshid Alam Moti said, “If you do it in a new way, you don’t need an audience like before. The two cinemaplexes will have 250 seats. Now the cinema audience has not decreased, but the taste has changed.

He said the two cinemas will be built in such a way that not only Phulbari but also viewers from surrounding upazilas come to watch movies in Urbashi. Khurshid Alam Moti said, “In today’s world, cinema business operates with multiple theaters or screens under one roof. We also try to do the same.

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