Urvashi did not apologize to Pant


Urvashi did not apologize to Pant

Bollywood actress Urbashi Rautela has been trolled after posting a video of Pakistani youngster Nasim Shah during the Asian Cup.

Even though the trolls were shut down saying he had nothing to do with editing and posting the video, Urvashi’s controversy over Indian wicket keeper Rishabh Pant returned.

The Indian keeper was annoyed by Urvashi’s punching around Pant for some time.

When asked about Pant during a recent interview, the actress said, “I don’t know what to say about it!” But I’m sorry. I feel very bad. I’m sorry I’m really sorry’.

He apologized to Pant for the bad comments everyone assumed in Urvashi’s speech. Urvashi changed his mind less than a week after Indian media reported the news. He got angry and said he never apologized to Pant.

In her Instagram Story, the ‘Sanam Re’ actress wrote, ‘Nowadays official news articles and meme pages are more scripted than movies or TV shows! This song was for my fans and my loved ones. I mean, I don’t mean anything.

It should be noted that Urvashi-Rishabh’s spat on Instagram is not unknown to anyone. They indirectly laughed.

Addressing Rishabh Pant as “PR” in an interview a few days ago, Urvashi said that in Delhi, Pant sat in the hotel lobby and waited for him for hours.

When this part of Urvashi’s interview spread like wildfire, Rishabh shared a story on Instagram. Without mentioning the name of the actress, he wrote to her: “People do things to get a bit of popularity and headlines!

Written with the hashtag – leave me sister’ There is a limit to lying.

Nor did Urvashi remain silent. He gave a story in response to Rishabh’s story. Urvashi complains that Rishabh is weak towards older women.

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