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Various events in memory of Amjad Hossain

Various events in memory of Amjad Hossain

Literature, production and acting; The legendary Amjad Hossain who shed extraordinary light in the three worlds of art and culture. Just as his excellent films in Dhakai cinema have crossed the boundaries of time, his acting power has been enriched from celluloid to Bokabox. Apart from that, he was also talented as a screenwriter and lyricist.

Wednesday (December 14) marks the passing of film personality Nandit. On the day of 2018, Amjad Hossain entered the land of no return. On the fourth anniversary of his death, various arrangements were made in Dhaka and Jamalpur districts.

Jamalpur is the birthplace of Amjad Hossain. A mourning rally was organized there with the participation of 74 organisations. It will depart from the district’s Bakultala Junction at 10 a.m. and end at Amjad Hussain Cemetery. Sajjad Hossain Dodul, the eldest son of the deceased, confirmed the case.

On this occasion, the leaders of various organizations and the people of Jamalpur will pay tribute to Amjad Hossain. All-day Quran recitation, Bad Asr Milad and Dua Mahfil are also organized by the organizations.

Amjad Hossain, where he spent most of his career, also holds a memorial service at the FDC. A doa mahfil was organized for him on this occasion at the initiative of the Film Directors Association. On this day, prayers are held for this legend in the capital’s Shyamoli.

Finally, Thursday (December 15) at 6 p.m. at the Shilpakala Academy, the anniversary of his death will be commemorated. Amjad Hossain’s two sons, Sajjad Hossain Dodul and Sohel Arman, will attend these events. Both have made a name for themselves as producers and screenwriters.

You should know that Amjad Hossain was born on August 14, 1942 in Jamalpur. He began to write from childhood. Later in life he wrote many stories, poems and novels.
His film career began with comedy. First stood in front of the camera in 1961 with the film ‘Tomar Amar’. Later, he worked as an assistant director with Zaheer Raihan.

Amjad Hossain made his directorial debut in 1967 with ‘Agun Ni Khel’. Some of his classic movies are ‘Nayanmani’, ‘Golapi Nach Traine’, ‘Kasai’, ‘Janm To Jwalchi’, ‘Bhat De’, ‘Kal Povka’.

Amjad Hossain has received the National Film Award 12 times for his excellent work in various fields. He is the second biggest winner in the history of the award. Furthermore, he has also been awarded the National Ekushey Padak Award and the Bangla Academy Award.

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