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‘Veerangana 71’ will be released on December 30

‘Veerangana 71’ will be released on December 30

Entertainment reporter: The movie ‘Veerangana 71’ is based on the story of heroes who lost their honor in the Great War of Liberation. For the first time, popular actor Shahed Sharif Khan and popular actress Shirin Sheela star together in this film based on the story of the liberation war. The film is produced by M Sakhawat Hossain. The film’s dialogues and script are written by the director himself.

The film hits theaters today (December 30) as the final film of this year. Film award officials held a press conference on Wednesday ahead of the release. The film crew was present.

Glee actress, dancer, dance director, model Munmun Ahmed can be part of the film. He said the movie will be released in the month of Vijay. It feels good to be associated with this liberation war film. It’s lucky to be associated with something from the war of liberation. This type of film should be watched by the whole new generation. A lot of people aren’t interested in making liberation war films because the public doesn’t watch them. However, the producer-director stepped into producing the film with the challenge.

Jhuna Chowdhury is a popular Bangladeshi theater actor, an enlightened personality. He is also a popular television and film actor. The actor said that after many ups and downs, our films have enjoyed a renaissance. Now a lot of good movies are being made. Liberation war films are not produced here. Money does not arise as it is. Thank you to those concerned for agreeing to make this film on the war of liberation. We have to move our film forward. Mainstream films should be promoted Everyone will see the film in theaters.

Shirin Sheela said, “It’s my absolute privilege to have the chance to play the role of a heroine.” Work on this film began earlier this year. Kudos to the builder. It comes out at the end of this month. This is my first film released this year. I took great pains to portray the heroic character.

Actor Khalilur Rahman Quaderi said: I saw 71. He was 12 then. I saw the inhuman torture of the Pak army at the time. I hope there will be liberation war films as long as Bangladesh exists. Please watch the film in theaters

Veteran actor and producer Kazi Hayat, who was the guest, said the main thing that happened in getting the win was respect for women. This film is about this hero. There are very few investors to make these films. Usually, liberation war films are made with subsidies. But thank you all for making the film about the war of liberation.

Actor Pran Roy said he hadn’t seen the liberation war, that he didn’t know much even as a child. We will know the history of the war of liberation through these films. It is a very moving film. Had to shoot in many winters. The film’s budget was also not high. Yet those who participated in it did their best.

Fazlur Rahman Babu, Jhuna Chowdhury, Khalilur Rahman Quadri, Sumna Soma, Imtu Ratish, Mauri Mahadi, Pran Roy, Barada Mithu, Ashraf Kabir, Ahmed Sabbir Romeo and others also starred in the film.

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