‘Venom’ Star Tom Hardy Wins Martial Arts Gold


‘Venom’ Star Tom Hardy Wins Martial Arts Gold

Tom Hardy is a popular Hollywood actor. He starred in films like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “Venom” in the famous Bat-Man superhero series. Tom looks as muscular and strong on screen as he does in real life. Evidence of this was recently found in a martial arts competition.

Tom Hardy participated in the ‘Brazilian Jiu-Jisu Open Championship-2022’. Then he won the gold medal by beating everyone. This martial arts event was recently held in Milton Keynes, UK.

Tom Hardy participated in it not as a Hollywood star, but as an ordinary contestant. Everyone was surprised to see him, many rushed to take pictures and autographs. The actor naturally struggled to manage everything.

A spokesperson for the event told the Guardian: ‘Everyone recognized it easily. But he was very humble and happy. He also took pictures with people in good spirits. We are really delighted to have someone like him as a candidate.

In the semi-finals of the tournament, Tom Hardy fought famed martial arts competitor Danny Appleby. The actor went to the final and won the gold medal after losing it. Appleby commented Tom, ‘He is truly a remarkable man. I was surprised to see him. He really is a strong man. I have participated in the tournament six times so far; Among them, I think he is the toughest opponent. He definitely embodies the character of Ben (the villain of The Dark Knight Rises), I’m sure.’

We know that this is not the first achievement of Tom Hardy in the martial arts. Earlier, he won the Reorg Open Jiu-Jisu Championship last August.

Meanwhile, Tom Hardy is currently in the hands of the third film in the ‘Venom’ series. Now the script work is in progress. He also starred in another movie called “Havak” which can be seen on Netflix.

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