Very Happy Bappa Mazumder – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Very Happy Bappa Mazumder – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Bappa Majumdar holding a guitar signed by Eric Clapton. Photo: taken from Facebook

Bappa Majumder is a popular face in the country’s music scene. He has countless fans and supporters spread across the country. And that Bappa has been a fan of world famous musician Eric Clapton since childhood. From whom he learned to play the guitar. Bappa also considers him a musical idol.

This time, Bappa got a guitar signed by Eric Clapton. This precious guitar arrived in his hands yesterday Wednesday. This musician is very happy about it. Not only that, this star also considers it the best achievement in life.

A moved Bappa on receiving the guitar wrote on his Facebook: “The best achievement of my life. Shahan, Imran Asif and Chaiti’s plan signed my guru Eric Clapton on my Fender Strat. I’m speechless, I’m stunned!

Songwriter Shahan Kabandha said, “Eric Clapton’s name has been crazy since childhood, Bappa Bhai. He considers Eric Clapton a guru. Eric Clapton is involved in Bappa Bhai’s musical life in many ways. A few of us worked together to surprise him. I can’t tell you how happy Bappa Bhai was when he got the guitar.’

How did Eric Clapton’s signature guitar get to Bappa? Shahan Kabandh recounted this incident.

In his own words, “One of our household names in Bangladesh is Imran Asif. He has a cousin living in America. A cousin of this cousin lives in Los Angeles. who works in an agency there. He took Eric Clapton’s signature on this guitar on August 22. Then he quickly came to the country. The whole matter was only reported to Bappa Bhai after he received it.

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