Vicky Kaushal tries to touch Katrina’s secret spot on crowded stage, viral video

Vicky Kaushal tries to touch Katrina’s secret spot on crowded stage, viral video

Entertainment desk: At the end of last year, this popular Bollywood star couple got married in secret. Their relationship was the subject of media speculation early on.

However, they never spoke publicly about their relationship in front of the media before the wedding. But these days, they are often seen expressing their love for each other through social media.

No photo shared by them escapes the attention of their fans. This time was no different. Recently, a video of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif went viral on social media pages.

This video of the star duo from an Instagram page called “Teachbolly” went viral recently. And based on this video, they are currently being discussed among most internet users in the net world.

In a recent viral video, the much-loved sensational star duo were seen together at an awards show. Before entering the event, they posed together in front of the paparazzi camera. And before taking the picture, the actor suddenly put his hand on the wrong part of the actress’s body, which did not escape the attention of the paparazzi.

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On this day, Bollywood’s Kat was seen in a short blue dress with long sleeves. Additionally, the actor was seen in a black shirt, pants, and a black and white print blazer. For now, everyone is training since this video went viral on social media. But this incident is not new, any viral video about them is a matter of practice for the current generation.

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