Vicky Kaushal | When Vicky Kaushal chose Deepika Padukone over Katrina Kaif dgtl


Vicky Kaushal | When Vicky Kaushal chose Deepika Padukone over Katrina Kaif dgtl

Deepika Padukone had fun with Vicky Kaushal before falling in love with Katrina Kaif! After that, what happened to love? Did you know ‘Mastani’? This chapter came out in an interview.


Year 2018 Katrina-Vicky’s love could have leaked into Karn Johar’s cafe. But this time it was Deepika who came as a guest and took the name Vicky. ‘Raazi’ will then be released. During a rapid fire at an event, Vicky, Katrina or Deepika was asked, who is her first choice? Immediately, Vicky replied: “Deepika”. Speculation continued for several years after that. Although he didn’t announce it himself, fans took two by four. Vicky-Deepika are in a close relationship. But the relationship did not end. In December 2021, Deepika welcomed V-Kat’s wedding. He and Katrina always go to the gym together. The relationship between the two actresses is rather friendly.

Although the public did not forget Vicky’s behavior during the conversation with Karan that year. He thought the hero didn’t know of Katrina’s existence. In a year and a half, the two stars were in a relationship. He tried as much as possible to prevent the news from spreading. He did not give a single picture together consciously. But love is suppressed? In due time, the V-Cat became four hands in Rajasthan.

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Later on an episode of “Koffee With Karn 7,” when the subject of marrying Katrina came up, Vicky said, “That’s great. I settled in so many days. It’s a matter of luck to have a life partner like him. Katrina is like a mirror in my life. I am blessed to have been followed by such wise, kind and wonderful people.


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