Victory Day in Kherson

Victory Day in Kherson

The flag of freedom flutters in the sky of the city. A joyful procession through the streets. Cheers of bubbling champagne and the national anthem in the lanes.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian port city of Kherson rejoiced after being liberated from Russia after nine long months. To the south of the region, Russia withdrew its troops from the west bank of the Dnipro River.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is believed to have ordered the withdrawal from the west bank of Kherson after he was unable to withstand resistance from Ukrainian forces. When the troops were completely withdrawn, the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered.

Russia occupied this region in the first week of March when the Russo-Ukrainian war began in March this year. It was the first of four occupied territories. However, it took Russian forces two months to fully occupy Kherson.

The White House hailed Kherson’s takeover as a “remarkable victory.” US security adviser Jack Sullivan said Russian-occupied territory had returned to the Ukrainian flag. It is a remarkable victory. The country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, was euphoric after reclaiming the territory left behind by Russia. He called it a “historic victory”. He said, “Ours, Kherson is ours now. We have recovered the southern part of the country. He wrote in a telegram: “Our special unit is stationed in the city. Meanwhile, he also released video footage, where Kherson residents can be seen gathered together with Ukrainian troops. The country’s foreign minister, Dimitro Kureba, said: “We won the mud war. But the war continues. Moscow says it has withdrawn 30,000 troops from Kherson. No soldier was killed. Local media reported that Kyiv forces had restored a local television network in Kherson. According to their information, Russia blew up TV towers, fuel facilities, power plants in the region.

Zelensky turned to new plans to strengthen the resistance. He said on Friday that Ukraine would focus on acquiring naval drones. kyiv will take this step to protect itself from Russian missiles launched from the Black Sea. They have already launched a fundraising campaign as part of the “United 24” campaign. But this fund had been there since the beginning of the war. which was used to collect war expenses. According to the fundraising site, more than 100 drones may be needed to counter the Russian attack. Each expensive drone will cost $274,000. They claim Russia has fired more than 4,000 missiles at Ukraine since the invasion began in February. Whose fifth attack was carried out from the sea.

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