Vikram Chatterjee | Tollywood actor Vikram Chatterjee shares his views on working in Bengali language soap operas dgtl

Vikram Chatterjee | Tollywood actor Vikram Chatterjee shares his views on working in Bengali language soap operas dgtl

Lately he has one job after another. The filming of a movie is over, maybe another series is waiting for its release. Actor Vikram Chatterjee’s new series “Raktkaravi” will be released on February 3. In addition to “Hottest Days in the City,” “Keesh Pata” is in the works, and “Pariah” will begin filming soon. If so, can we assume that Vikram’s Jupiter is now at its peak? The actor is somewhat silent when he suddenly hears this question while promoting the series. He told Anandabazar Online, “It is very difficult to say whether Jupiter is high or not. God’s mercy has many works. If the public likes my work, I hope to do more in the future.


From Abir Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee to Vikram Chatterjee – acting in soap operas is the way to go. Although gradually everyone’s scope of work increased. All are now heroes of the big screen beyond the borders of soap operas. Several series, including Vikram’s star ‘Sat Paake Bandha’, ‘Ichche Nadi’ have taken a different place in the public’s mind. In the hustle and bustle of this series and the film, has Vikram forgotten the series? His clear answer, “How can I forget where I started from?”

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Although many actors now say that the shows offer them financial security. So, according to many actors, even if they lean towards soap operas, movies, soap operas are a “safe zone” for them when their pockets are tight. Does Vikram agree? If the pocket is tight, you have to focus on the small screen again? Vikram told Anandabazar Online, “It’s a great pride. There’s a part of our industry where the business is so profitable that artists get paid the way they deserve. Sometimes if I don’t like the character, now I say no, that confidence also comes from my long experience working in television.”

Vikram has been away from the small screen for a while. But the small screen still covers a large part of his life. So Vikram said, “TV isn’t just my place to make money. I believe that if I do a good job, whether it’s a series, a movie or a series, the audience will love me.”


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