Vivek Agnihotri | Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri writes a simple solution for the resurrection of Bollywood dgtl


Vivek Agnihotri | Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri writes a simple solution for the resurrection of Bollywood dgtl

Vivek Agnihotri, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ has opened his mouth during the controversial ‘Brahmastra’ season. He said he didn’t want to participate in this “stupid competition” of Bollywood. Let him play rat race with whoever he wants. He’d rather be laughed at from afar, but still good.

However, it has been seen that Vivek is not a person to sit quietly in the busy Bollywood situation. He voiced his opinion again on Sunday on how the industry will recover. He wrote on Twitter: “Let the cost of production be reduced. The stars are paid less. Be less arrogant. It is good to practice standing meditation at the airport. If the research isn’t good, how will the material get into the movie? How will the country present itself?

A few days ago, Vivek spoke about the dark side of Bollywood in a long tweet. Wrote: “What you are watching is not Bollywood”. The real Bollywood is in the dark alleys. In these dark alleys you can find broken, trampled, buried dreams. If Bollywood is a talent museum, it is also a talent graveyard. It’s not about being rejected. Anyone who comes here knows rejection is part of the deal. But it is impossible to live without respect, self-respect and hope. No middle-class youngster ever imagines being in the position they must be in Bollywood.

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Success may not come after much struggle. Of those who don’t care, Vivek writes, “Everything hurts so much that instead of fighting, many give up. Lucky are those who return home. Those who remain, collapse.”

In this explosive text by Vivek, the stories of apparent success are also told. After a moment of brilliance, like darkness under a lamp, the ugly side of industry becomes visible in those who govern.

According to Vivek, Bollywood is not just a place to showcase talent, but also to unleash talent. Young faces are flocking to Bollywood with such ambition. But after that, it floats like straw in the stream. Vivek feels that everyone from the filmmakers to the crew has gone with the flow. If they are not aware, it will be difficult to reverse the situation, he warned on the net.

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