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Waiting for the end of the Emon-Irene World Cup!


Waiting for the end of the Emon-Irene World Cup!

A feature film ‘Kagaj’ is made on the life story of a popular writer. Mamnoon Emon played the role of the writer there. Recently, the film got clearance from the Censor Board.

This was confirmed by producer Ali Zulfikar Zahedi. He said the film was erased without any cuts. But because of the ongoing World Cup, they don’t want to release the movie now. They wait for the end of the tournament. Interested parties are preparing to release the film at the end of December or the beginning of next year.

How a writer becomes famous with a philosophy is the main premise of the film. Irene Sultana faces Mamnoon Eamon in this thriller romance story.

The director said ‘Paper’ is made with the story of another life hidden behind the dead life. It is a film of a different genre from the traditional genre.

Speaking about the film, Eamon said, “It’s good to hear the film has been given an uncut release. I played the role of a writer there. My work is written on paper. I have a great relationship with paper. The story is exceptional. Audiences will enjoy watching the film.

I am Meanwhile, Irene said, “Here, my character’s name is Renu. She is the daughter of the Banedi family. Renu also possesses the Banedi spirit found in family sources. The film has a great story. I heard that the film was well appreciated by the censorship board. Now let’s wait for the public’s response.

Besides Imon-Irene, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Imi, Maimuna Mom, Elina Shammi and others acted there.

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