Walton brought an interactive display to the new model’s fork

Walton brought an interactive display to the new model’s fork

Walton introduced a new interactive display model with four widescreen resolutions. Walton’s display brand ‘Cinedy’ is the packaging of this interactive display which can be used for versatile work.

That is to say, they have multiple uses as multimedia displays in offices, courts, hospitals, classrooms, etc. In addition to official use, interactive displays are also unique when it comes to entertainment.

This display will add a new dimension to events such as the FIFA World Cup, especially on the big screen.

Recently, a new interactive display model was inaugurated at Walton Digi-Tech Industries headquarters in Chandra, Gazipur.

Kabir bin Anwar, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, was the chief guest on the occasion. Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited President SM Rezaul Alam was the special guest.

Engineer Liaquat Ali, Deputy General Manager of Walton Digi-Tech, Yasir Al Imran, Senior Executive Director of Walton Hi-Tech, Azizul Hakim, Executive Director, Zeenat Hakim, Executive Director of Walton Digi-Tech, Tauhidur Rahman Raad, Director commercial, and others were also present at the opening. ceremony. .

Prior to the opening of the interactive exhibit, guests toured the manufacturing process of various products at Walton’s corporate headquarters. At that time, they visited Walton’s well-equipped display center, refrigerator, television, elevator, computer, circuit board and cell phone manufacturing plant. They were impressed with Walton’s state-of-the-art production facility and manufacturing processes for electronics and technology products.

After the visit, Principal Secretary Kabir bin Anwar said Walton’s head office is amazing in a nutshell. Without coming here, one will not understand how far Bangladesh has advanced in the production of electronic and technological products. Walton has taken Bangladesh to unique heights in this sector.

Touhidur Rahman Raad, Commercial Manager of Walton IT Products, said that there are currently 5 models of Walton interactive displays with screen sizes ranging from 65 to 98 inches in the market. Prices vary from Tk 285,750 to Tk 695,780 depending on the model.

He also said that Walton Interactive Display uses a 4K Ultra HD LED and LCD IPS display. The screen resolution of the multitouch installation is 3840 by 2160 pixels. With a viewing angle of 178 degrees and an aspect ratio of 16:9, using various applications, office meetings, classroom use, watching videos, gaming, reading books or Internet browsing will be more vivid. Users get high quality images even from critical angles.

The MT9950 chipset is used to ensure the high speed of this display. It has a 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex A73 processor and a Mali G52 MP2 graphics card. With 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, more applications can be used.

Walton has an integrated Android operating system with interactive display. Customer can use Windows operating system through PC OPS module if needed. Can be connected to the Internet via WiFi or LAN port. Other devices such as cell phones, laptops, etc. can be connected as a display via Bluetooth and mirroring facilities.

Other special features of Walton Interactive Display include HDMI, USB Type A and Type C, microphone, etc. many ports. Walton’s interactive display offers many possibilities for multitasking. The screens can be used as blackboards or whiteboards for taking notes and sharing notes online or offline on different media.

-This display can also be used as an all-in-one display for PC and iPhone (4K). It is possible to write or draw using a pen and work by touching 16 points together. Because of this, it can be easily used as a multimedia board in the classroom or in a meeting.

It has the ability to watch videos directly on YouTube and other web and OTT platforms, as well as watch TV on cable networks via a TV card. With the built-in 13 megapixel camera, you can make clear video calls or video conferences.

Made from aluminum and metal plates, Walton interactive displays are attractive and durable. Since this display has both HDMI and VGA input ports, it can be easily used in all types of modern or old computing devices.

There are two built-in 15 watt speakers. As a result, the user can enjoy the required audio benefits without connecting a separate audio device.

Walton interactive displays have wall mounting options. As a result, it can be placed on the wall like any LED TV, and not just on a stand. For those who regularly play games or need to use the big screen for presentations or meetings for official work, this option will work as an added advantage. Walton offers a one-year warranty on the pen display.

(Dhaka Times/27 Nov/SKS)

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