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Want to share these stories with Rajya: Raj


Want to share these stories with Rajya: Raj

Actor Shariful Raj, the most talked about hero at the time, is also a father. This is why, in the dense story of the film, the son comes without knowing it!

Before we get into the history of the state, let’s talk about Raj’s running record. It is the first time in the multiplex history of Bengali cinema that three films of a hero are playing side by side on the screen. The three films are ‘Paran’, ‘Hawa’ and ‘Damal’. Also, the movie of the same hero “Guneen” is running on the OTT platform. As such, the hero Raj can be said to carry the flag for the new history of Bengali cinema.

More importantly, the first two movies were super hits. No analyst remembers the last time Dhallywood achieved such a double feat together. But they can guess it, Raj’s career as a super hit quickly adds another film; ‘Damall’. On the first day of release (October 28), at least that’s the impression of 22 theaters nationwide.

On the other hand, Shariful Raj spends the day at home praying. But he played the role of Munna, the captain of the independent Bengal football team in the film. Although the party leader has kept silent at home, other members (Raihan Rafi, Siam Ahmed, Vidya Sinha Mim, Rashed Mamun Apu etc.) have been running from room to room in groups since Friday morning.

Bangla Tribune’s question broke Raj’s silence; Why home on such a day? No shame with the ‘Damal’ team! Raj said, “If the team captain is arrogant, then go for it!” Also, our real captain (Raihan Rafi), striker (Siam Ahmed) is still on the pitch. In fact, I stayed up late last night. I closed my eyes a little in the morning. I just woke up (4 p.m.). Now I am recharged again. I will go out with the team in the evening. I’ll start with Star Cineplex.

Sharif Raj Before we begin, there’s a lot of gallery excitement on Raj’s social handle and cellphone. Of these, he said, “It’s such a movie, where not only the football game is important. Lots of issues and emotions are involved. Country, war of liberation, freedom, sacrifice, love, hate – it’s all there in the story. The film will appeal to all age groups across the country. I hear it since noon. Got an enthusiastic response from many respected freedom fighters. Those who are moved after seeing the film. I received comments from viewers of this generation, who did not know the story or the team. It’s actually a matter of great peace for an actor.

Raj is not content with praise. This hero is now one of the trusted places of Dhallywood producers. Producers beaten almost regularly for more than a decade. The industry was known as a “bottomless basket”. Because profit is the next thing the investment is not returned here! Shariful Raj is now a reliable name in this market. The hero himself is well aware of the matter.

Sharif Raj According to him, “Listen, if the producer who invests in one of my films does not recover his money, he does not make a profit; So why would he make another movie? Suddenly, the success of a film is not mine alone, everyone must also assume its failure. At least I feel like that. I want the producer to live. The producers of two of my consecutive films got their money back, which is very happy for me. I also want this film (Damaal) to recoup the investment. I believe you will get it.

Two hardback films in a row and most of the single screens which all multiplexes in the country now have! As such, many people want to say that the old youth of Dhaliwood returns by the hand of Raj. Raj refuses to directly accept such comments. On the contrary, it is dragging this time.

Sharif Raj Saying, ‘It’s actually not something I’m doing alone. As a result, I am unable to enjoy joy myself. The first thing is that this period was very necessary in our industry. I’m glad the time has come back. I am lucky to be an actor of this generation. Because we all managed to change the time together or are still trying.

However, this can be taken separately, as there is a lot of dictatorship going on in theaters at home and abroad! While the term was negative, it is now all positive for Dhaliwood. Raj smiled in response. The answer went a little further. He said, “Let’s talk about a spirit. I don’t think much about this mantra. Because, above all, I do the work from the place of my choice. I tried to own every job or character I did. Let’s try more, so that the producer recoups the investment. I can show her face. But apart from these success stories that everyone tells, I keep them little by little to share them with my son. I proudly want to share this timely story with my son. Don’t believe me, when I feel this I forget all the pain and suffering. Our state has come at a wonderful time. I want to keep this beauty until she grows up. I want to share these beautiful stories with her. Nothing else.’

king-fairy-kingdom Recall that Roman from the film ‘Paran’ has been running the two multiplexes in the capital Star Cineplex and Blockbuster for 110 days. There are also several unique screens in the country. On the other hand, Ibrahim from the film ‘Hawa’ has been running at the same rate for 91 days. Outside the country, the history of Europe-America is also close. In this series, Munna, the team leader of ‘Damal’, joined 22 cinemas nationwide on Friday, October 28. Along with this, Ramiz and Rabeya from the movie ‘Gunin’ fascinated OTT viewers. Raj-Pari built the house according to the image source; The birth of the state!

Analysts say Roman, Ramiz, Ibrahim and Jayaroth of Munna are expected to continue even for the state. Long live Dalwood. Raj also dreams like this. But before that, the film ‘Damaal’ on the hero’s little wish, Pari-Rajya, is a must see.

On August 10 this year, the kingdom of Shahim Muhammad came under the fold of Parimani-Shariful Raj. The 'Damael' team

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