Wanting to create “equality” trolled, Ratabhari’s flat response

Wanting to create “equality” trolled, Ratabhari’s flat response

Ritabhari Chakraborty, Chitrangada, G 24 Hour Digital Bureau: “I want to erase inequalities and create equality, with my own photos, in my own life. My sister’s wedding. The most liked moment in 2022′ was written by Ritabhari Chakraborty after sharing his sister’s wedding photo at the end of the year. On December 24, actress Chitrangada Shatarupa, Ritabhari’s sister, became pregnant. Chitrangada started a new life with his childhood friend Sambit Chattopadhyay. The newlyweds got married with the singing of the female priest Nandini and her companions. Ritabhari played the role of this Nandini in the movie ‘Brahma Jain Gopan Kammti’. So this moment was a bit more special for him. But the actress had to suffer criticism from trollers.

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In the movie, Sambit is seen to dye Sinthi Sindur by Chitrangada, just as Chitrangada inoculates Sambit with vermilion. Just like seen in the movie ‘Brahma Knows Gopan Kammti’. The same scene was seen in Ritabhari’s family. Many filled the comment box with well wishes and applause for the newlyweds. Just like that, a group of people created unnecessary controversy. Even they confused with sindurdan the natural law of childbirth. Finally, Ritabhari gave a clear answer to the trolls.

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Ritabhari wrote, “I made a whole movie about it so I didn’t care about any negativity in this happy festival. But surprisingly, people still confuse natural rules with man-made rules. Pregnancy is a natural rule and vermilion, the duty of rice cloth, etc. is created by man. It is desirable to keep what is good and to advance on the path of equality. you stay well Do not impose anything on anyone, choose what makes you happy. We are very happy and well in your love and blessings.

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