Wants his father and brother back: Prince Harry

Wants his father and brother back: Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry has said his relationship with the royal family was not meant to be so hostile. He wants his father and brother to “come back”.

Harry said so in an interview with British television channel ITV. A video of the interview, which was partially released on Monday, was seen to that effect.

Harry said: ‘They (the Royal Family) have never shown any interest in fixing the relationship. In fact, I want my father back, I want my brother back.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan decided to leave the royal family in March 2020 and lead a normal life in the United States. At the time, Harry said he made the decision to avoid being insulted by the media.

This Prince Harry is now looking to get closer to his father, King Charles III of the United Kingdom, and his brother, Prince William of Wallace.

In another interview with CBS News, Harry said Buckingham Palace refused to publicly support him and his wife as the Royal Family sided with them.

Harry told reporter Anderson Cooper: “While for six years we’ve been told we can’t take a stand to protect you, but that’s exactly what’s happening with other family members. That’s when that the treacherous nature of silence is revealed.

Both interviews will air on January 8. Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’ is due out two days later.

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