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We are in favor of bringing Hindi films into the country: Riaz

We are in favor of bringing Hindi films into the country: Riaz

Riyaz, the country’s folk hero, has spoken out in favor of showing Hindi films from India to keep the country’s cinemas running and increase the number of theaters. He said, “I am in favor of showing Hindi movies for a while. If you can do this, the room will be functional. If it works, many producers will come back to do business to make new films.

Nayak Riaz said these things at the end of the meeting of leaders of film-related associations at the FDC on Saturday.

Regarding the import of Hindi films at the meeting, Riaz said, “The topic of discussion at the meeting was to expand the hall. Our 1200s are now down to 50-60. If this continues, there may not even be a room in the near future. All our associations are talking about it, now we have to live. People should get used to bringing. For this, good content from outside the country must be activated. All associations are therefore in favor of showing films in Hindi for a certain period. The association will soon make a collective decision on this subject.

The proposal to screen Hindi films to run the country’s cinemas came several years ago. The leaders of the associations of exhibitors, producers and directors of films reached a consensus in this regard last year. But it didn’t go far. This time, the question of the release of Shahrukh Khan’s film “Pathan” in Bangladesh is raised again. While many are in favor of this claim, many are against it. They say, “If Hindi films are brought into the country, the country’s film industry will be destroyed.

Against their opinion, Nai Riaz said, “Those who say that, they are all giving their personal opinion. I don’t want to talk about their personal opinion. But I think now is the age of social media. Now the audience is very important. The public knows why the room is closed. Now, if they’re the ones talking about closing theaters, destroying the film industry, that sounds ridiculous.

Riaz said, “I don’t want to talk about ‘Pathan’ in particular. Again, I don’t want to talk about Hindi films in particular. I want something that keeps our cinema alive. Whether the producer says no, I shot a movie in Bengali, but only 2 viewers in the afternoon show. How to withdraw money? I have to close the room.”

Riaz also said, “We may not be able to create content on this label. But we will be able to create this type of content in the near future. the hero Riaz thinks the film should be shot in 2023 keeping in mind the year 2025. Only then will the audience trust us, they will come to the room.

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