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We are no longer together: Mahiya Mahi


We are no longer together: Mahiya Mahi

“We are not together anymore” ! Actress Mahia Mahi sowed mystery with such a post on Facebook. He made such a post on Sunday (October 9) around 9 p.m.

However, the actress has not written anything about why she is not there, who she is not with. The question in the minds of fans is whether this is the name of a movie or dialogue.

Many have asked again, Mahiya Mahir will break up the family again? But Mahi hasn’t said anything about it yet.

Looking into the minds of fans, has Mahi’s Facebook ID been hacked?

Meanwhile, in just 15 minutes of posting on Facebook, he received over 1,500 reactions. Many have commented. Mahi deleted the message after half an hour.

However, Mahi has been found to be doing well in her husband Rakib Sarkar’s family. Recently, she appeared with her husband in the promotions of his movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’. In personal life, they are expecting children. In such a situation, the status of Mahir has given rise to a lot of mystery.

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Mahi and her husband did not respond when contacted to inquire about the status.

In 2016, Mahiya Mahi married Sylhet businessman Mahmud Parvez Apu. On May 23 last year, the actress said she was no longer living with Apu. They are divorcing.

It was reported in September last year that he got married for the second time. Businessman and Married Politician Rakib Sarkar of Gazipur.


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