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We are together: Parimony

We are together: Parimony

Raj and Parimoney. Photo: From Parimani’s Facebook


Raj and Parimoney. Photo: From Parimani’s Facebook

For 3 consecutive years, the film of Parimani, the popular actress of Dhakai cinema, is released in the first month of the new year. Adventure of Sundarbans will be released on January 20 this year.

Parimony spoke to the Daily Star on Thursday morning about the new movie and other issues.

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New movies are coming out in the new year. How do you feel

Money: My movies come out at the beginning of the new year for 3 consecutive years. This is very good news for me. Very good news. What makes me happy to release films 3 consecutive years at the beginning of the year! Anyway, I can’t finish. The year begins with my film, how good it feels to think. This is a great achievement for an actor.

Did you have to make any sacrifices for the film The Adventure of the Sundarbans?

Money: For the first time in my film career, I had to cut my hair for this film, which I haven’t done in any other film. It’s a big sacrifice for me. Because I really like my beautiful hair. The director and producer told me that when I got this movie offer. I don’t do live – I don’t do movies. Later, I went home with the script. I love it after reading the script. Go to the salon alone and get your hair cut. I give the director a photo of the desired look. Then I make the film.

What other experiences did you have during the making of this film?

Money: There are many experiences, many events, many scenes that will be remembered. The most important thing is that I shot this film during the Corona period. I will never forget him. When everything is calm, we turned on the boat. At first I was afraid whether I would be able to shoot or not. So I did. This is the greatest trip of my life. We were all together for a month. The memories will last a lifetime. I want to move forward with this good and happy experience.

Is Tisha in love with the character in this movie?

Money: I’m so in love. I read the novel several times before shooting. This book by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal sir is very dear to me. A very good novel. I will never forget Tisha’s character in the popular novel. I want to fall in love with such a character again and again.

Recently attended college in the capital. How do you feel

Money: Winter mornings were different. I went to BF Shaheen College and loved the memories. Again and again I felt like standing in line with the students. I took the state. It is also a memorable event in my life. I also thought, now I have become a mother. After a few years, I also had to go to school with the state.

Parimony and Raj with the child. Photo: From Parimani’s Facebook


Parimony and Raj with the child. Photo: From Parimani’s Facebook

Tell us about co-star Siam.

Money: Siam is a good actor, a good person. The public is invited to watch our performance on screen. Everyone will watch this movie. Then chat, share the likes.

You and Raj have been talking for a few days. Are you under the same roof?

Money: we are together I have been under the same roof again for 3 days. Keep everyone in love. I became a mother, I want to live beautifully for the kingdom. The state is everything now. That’s all I will say now. My new film comes out on January 20. I want everyone’s love for him.


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