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“We never thought that such a moment would come before us”


“We never thought that such a moment would come before us”

“Hawa” is actress Nazifa Tushi’s second film. But who will say that he only acted in two films! At least looking at Toushi’s recognition and popularity, it wouldn’t seem that his number of works on the big screen is so less. More importantly, it’s hard to find such a viewer in the country who doesn’t know Tushi. His role as Gulati in the movie ‘Hawa’ is so ingrained in the public mind that even after 100 days of Rajini, he is floating in the public appreciation. The tide of the “wind” is blowing not only at home but also abroad. Even after a hundred days of release, audiences still hear ‘Hawa’-Bandana.

But even a few months ago, many people would not have thought that there would be such a change in our films. As the film industry teeters on the brink of destruction, ‘Hawa’ has put its name on the liberation march. Where his own story came out a little differently. Shadows of familiar people are found among the characters. Thus, the public again invaded the cinemas of the country. Hence the message was received that our cinema has begun to come back to life. The actress Nazifa Tushi herself is also moved because of this film, Rajini Paar, which marks 100 days of success. Said, “When I was preparing to star in this film – I never thought such a moment would come before us. The love I received from the audience with ‘Hawa’ is unparalleled; way more than expected. “

Nazifa Tushi is always seen doing different things. She herself said: “As an actress, I am always looking for new roles. If the person in the role is unknown, I try to get to know him in many ways. I sincerely work to show the inner forms and exteriors of people. on screen. Because I believe, love If you sincerely work with it, it is not in vain. And when there is an opportunity to work on a good story and a good character in the presence from a talented director, it doesn’t take long to achieve success. A shining example of this is ‘Hawa’.

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