Weather info given to a sports journalist for lack of work, the video goes viral

Weather info given to a sports journalist for lack of work, the video goes viral

The United States was hit by a winter blizzard. The death toll has already exceeded half a hundred. Residents are asked to stay at home to avoid danger and a state of emergency has been declared in various places. In such dire conditions, however, at least outdoor sports cannot be practiced. And so American sports journalist Mark Woodley didn’t have much to do. But maybe the office didn’t like it. For this reason, Mark was called early in the morning and stood on the street in Konkan in the cold to find out the weather conditions. That is, because of the blizzard, he went from sports reporter to weather reporter.

Meanwhile, video of Mark Woodley’s event has gone viral on social media. He is known to be originally a sports beat reporter for Iowa-based regional television station KWWL, an affiliate of US broadcast network NBC. Last week he was suddenly called for a weather news show. There, Mark shared his experience as well as the US state’s weather conditions.

He himself shared the video of this part of the program on Twitter. “That’s what you get when you send a jock on a morning show to cover a blizzard,” he wrote in the caption.

In the video, Mark can be seen saying, “I usually do sports news. Everything is canceled here for the next few days. What better time, then, to ask a sportsman to come five hours earlier than he usually wakes up, stand up in the wind, cold and snow, and forbid others to do the same?

The reporter then said that he used to do a 30-minute show in the evening and usually stayed indoors at that time. But hadn’t realized earlier that the channel could have a morning show at 3:30 a.m.

jagonews24The streets of New York covered in snow. Image collected

“It’s a very long show,” said Mark Woodley. So stay in front of the TV for the next few hours to watch me get crazier and crazier.

On the live broadcast, he also said, “The good news at the moment is that I can still feel my face. And the bad news is, I think, if I can’t!

At one point in the conversation with the studio, Mark asks, “Can I go back to my regular job? He then joked, “I’m pretty sure you added an extra hour to that time to torture someone like me.”

jagonews24Two pedestrians walk down a snowy street in Chicago. Image collected

Eventually Mark left the event saying “for the last time this morning live from Waterloo”.

The video quickly went viral after being shared. So far, it has been viewed over 3 crore 15 lakh times. Over 10,000 people commented on the post. Many sympathized with Mark’s suffering. Some have criticized the channel’s authorities.

One wrote: “Mark you have no idea how hard you are making our job difficult. Now every news director will want to send their sports reporter out into the cold in hopes of going viral.

Source: NDTV

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