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Web Movie Rain Mastery

Web Movie Rain Mastery

Web Movie Rain MasteryImtiaz Barshan-Punun Aktar

Popular actress Nipun Akhtar is busy with web movie work. Imtiaz Varshan will be seen opposite her in the web movie titled “Opalaap”.

Ziaul Roshan is in an important role.

“Apalap” written by Nazim Ud Daula is basically a family crime story. It is produced by Mohammad Ali Munna.

In the context of the story, it is known that psychiatrist Ork Rahman was arrested for the crime of murdering his wife Sumi. He frankly accepted responsibility for the murder when questioned by the police. On the other hand, Orkar’s uncle claims that Orkar took the blame for the murder on his own shoulder due to someone’s pressure. As a result, the complexity of the case increases, all the way to court.

Meanwhile, Archer’s personal assistant, Varsha, also believes Archer did not commit the murder. He went to the police and made a statement about it. DB officer Saif Hasan’s mind melted at his words. He proves the innocence of the Orks. But there is a huge crime-mystery hidden inside. how it is. We’ll know when the movie comes out.

After the filming and editing of the film ‘Opalap’, it will soon be released in ‘Deepta Play’. Priyanti Urbi will play another important role in this regard.

Bangladesh time: 1601 hours, December 28, 2022

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