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West Bengal took responsibility for tapas processing

West Bengal took responsibility for tapas processing

‘Yet nothing seems good…’. I’m not really feeling well, ‘Mohiner Ghoduli’ fans.

Because the father of this song Tapas Das i.e. Bapi Da is seriously ill.

The first Bengali indie rock band ‘Mohiner Ghoraguli’ was formed in Kolkata in 1976. The band was founded with seven musicians – Gautam Chatterjee, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Pradeep Chatterjee, Ranjan Ghoshal, Abraham Majumdar, Tapas Das and Tapesh Bandyopadhyay.

They changed the style of modern Bengali music from the 70s to the 90s. One of the oldest members of this group is Tapas Das. Who is known as Bapi Da to everyone. He is not good.

Tapas Das Bapi suffers from an incurable cancer. The 68-year-old artist has already undergone four cycles of chemotherapy. His physical condition is reported to have deteriorated recently.

The processing of Tapas Das requires a lot of money. Nazehal family to be expected. Sidhu, Gaurav Chattopadhyay, Ark Mukhopadhyay and Rupam Islam and many others prayed for help for dear Bapida on social media.

This time, Rupam himself said that the Indian state government of West Bengal had taken on the burden of Bapida’s treatment. He was admitted to SSKM on January 3 under the supervision of the West Bengal government.

Posting two photos with Bapida, Rupam Islam wrote, “On January 1, I posted an article about Bapida’s illness, in which I wrote that she would not take help from any political party. would have no objection to accepting help from the government alone.Because the government of West Bengal is not a political party.Seeing this message, the next day, the government of West Bengal came forward and assumed full responsibility for the treatment of Bapida. For this they are my gratitude.

Rupam also writes: We, the artist community of Bengal, thanked everyone for stepping forward according to our abilities.

Giving an update on the treatment of Tapas Das, he writes, Bapida is currently being treated at SSKM Hospital. He was admitted under the supervision of the West Bengal government. He is cared for there. I met him and Sutpadi (Tapas Das’s wife, Sutapa Das) today. There were a lot of discussions.

Meanwhile, Tapas Das was seen singing while sitting in a wheelchair with a tube of Riles in his nose at the Bangla Sangeet Mela in West Bengal on December 25 of the recently deceased year. This video is now viral on social media.

In this context, Sutpa Das, wife of Tapas Das, told Indian media that it could have been done by Bapi. Singing with a nasal tube in the nose, people do not imagine.

Bangladesh time: 2129 hours, 08 January 2023

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